Top 10 Best Animated Sex Games

We have plenty of hentai to pick from at BSS. Straight, gay, furry, alien, catgirl, and so on! But there’s another thing we’re quite proud of: games with amazing animation. Many of our titles would not be the same without the lifelike, cutting-edge, hot n’ heavy animation. Of course, sensual stills and kinky comics are fine, but witnessing your favorite cartoon cuties thrust, moan, and bounce to life is something special.

After all, isn’t sex all about movement? Right!

With that in mind, today we’ll look at ten of Nutaku’s best animated games. Each of these games offers something unique to the table, ranging from lifelike 3D to fantasy 2D and everything in between. So shut the doors, draw the curtains, take your… mouse… and let’s get started!

10.) 3D2 Custom Order Maid

Custom Order Maid 3D2

VR can’t get much more lifelike than this, and each 3D girl in Custom Order Maid comes with a full range of raunchy and kinky movements just waiting to be found. Your harem of maids is yours to command, and given the site you’re on, we’re sure you’ve already got some ideas. You’re the king (or queen!) of the castle in virtual reality, and you get to call all the shots! This one is a definite winner, with more unique animations than you can shake a VR controller at.

9.) Wildlife

Wild Life

If you’re looking for something a little more involved in your VR experience, Wild Life is the game for you. It’s an immersive and action-packed RPG with a large open world to explore and a plethora of fascinating dudes and girls to hook up with. Explore a weird new world filled with life while meeting attractive furry beauties, Amazon warriors, and even rogue-ish beastmen in 3D! Wild Life’s seductive aesthetics are designed to dazzle even the most seasoned gamers.

8.) Shohei’s Adult Streaming Channel

Shohei's Adult Streaming Channel

If neither of these 3D offers is realistic enough for you, Shohei’s Adult Streaming Service is the perfect choice. You cast females and shoot photorealistic porn with them in three beautiful dimensions as the owner of a successful adult streaming company. While many of our 3D offers feature anime-style 3D gals, Shohei goes above and above to capture realistic sex with stunning, real (enough) ladies.

7.) The Grim Reaper Who Reaped My Heart!

The Grim Reaper Who Reaped My Heart!

But let’s pretend you’re one of those “2D is best” people. We also have something for you – and it’s hand-drawn! The Grim Reaper Who Reaped My Heart is an animated adventure starring the prettiest death dealer you’ve ever met. It includes not only fully voiced and animated sex scenes, but also a cute and fluffy plot that keeps things interesting throughout. This hand-drawn charmer is the epitome of “anime come to life”! Interested? Don’t miss out on the limited edition swimwear!

6.) King of Kinks

King of Kinks

King of Kinks’ busty, lusty girls are some of the Nutaku platform’s thickest, roughest ladies. So it seems to reason that their game goes all out when it comes to animating these glamazons! To begin with, each girl’s character model has unique motions and different states of undress, giving even the slightest moments a sense of life. This 5v5 RPG set in a seductive matriarchy is one to keep an eye on, thanks to hot and frantic sex scenes crammed with sweet, sweet frames of animation.

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5.) Harem Heroes

Harem Heroes

Don’t be fooled by the manga aesthetic and comic-based spin-off – Harem Heroes contains tons of animated action just waiting to be discovered! This funny collection game features a slew of animated hentai shenanigans to explore, as well as a cast of heroines who may look like characters you recognize, but are far sexier than you could’ve ever imagined. Bring your craziest anime, manga, and gaming desires to reality!

4.) TenkafuMA!


What makes TenkafuMA’s animation so unique isn’t the jaw-dropping detail, the sexiness of each frame, or how alive each anime sex session feels. No, it’s the fact that it manages to be all of those things while remaining in a nice vertical format. No more flipping or flopping your phone to enjoy the animation, combat, or cutscenes! TenkafuMA is cinematic, with all the quality you’d expect from a classic gacha title but none of the awkward phone posture.

3.) Horny Arcana

Horny Arcana

Horny Arcana manages to bring tried-and-true RPG mechanics to life with creative, high-quality character designs and beautiful, live-2D animation if you want even more complexity to your mobile JRPGs. The professional-grade cutscenes will keep you fighting through each scorching combat, in addition to the menu-heavy gameplay and in-depth tale. Horny Arcana is an enormous role-playing game with hours to discover, with amazing battle animations and sex sequences that literally explode off your phone. Can you rid the country of corruption? We’d like to see you give it a shot.

2.) Magicami


Magicami is a huge hit in Japan, and we totally get it! Consider the most beautiful magical girl anime on the market, then add some spectacular 3D conflicts. Tie it all together with a hefty serving of live-2D sex scenes and cutesy anime girls, and… yup, Magicami is that fantastic. It’s one of Exnoa’s best titles and one of the nicest games on Nutaku, created by some of the top minds in the Japanese hentai sector.

1.) Project QT

Project QT

Project QT just cannot be topped – even if its entire cast can! It has all sorts of technical and aesthetic niceties that make the whole package sing, from its seductive vertical orientation to its addicting and fast puzzle gameplay. And, while we’re on the subject of making “packages sing,” did you know Project QT has dozens upon dozens of girls to meet? And that each one comes with its own set of sex sequences, training animations, and animated character portraits? You most likely did. But what are you waiting for if you didn’t? Animate yourself to the Nutaku store to see for yourself!

Nutaku has some of the most beautiful hentai games on the market, ranging from 2D to 3D. We’ll be there if they figure out how to animate objects in the fourth dimension! But, in the meantime, enjoy our treasure trove of animated porn goodies. Does that sound right?

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