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Today we are talking about Cockville a free to play yaoi coming straight from Nutaku where you play as a sexy farm owner who will be able to enjoy himself in the middle of all his employees.


You have just arrived in the countryside and you have to work on the Cockville farm that you have just bought. To help you, a charming blond man with a tattoo welcomes you to the main barn.

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After a few moments of discussion, he suggests that you look deep inside him for the keys to the farm… Which you do with great pleasure as it involves gently removing his anal rosary.


It seems that the game starts off strong. Alex then introduces you to Mike, a young black sports coach who could use a healthy food supplier.

So, here you are with a new contract in your pocket between Mike and the farm. Alex is going to be a great help in getting you to enjoy life on the farm. So enjoy your new life and your new sexual experiences!


To be the boss of such a farm you will have to get your hands dirty to maintain it as much as your beautiful sexy employees! The principle is simple, you must develop the potential of the farm and live off it.


To do this, you have a blank piece of land from the start and quickly Alex shows you how to do your first planting and how to buy your animals. You must in the following order:

  • Buy plots of land
  • Plant vegetables
  • Harvest them
  • Turn them into food for your animals
  • Turn them into products for your deliveries

Once you have understood this main principle, you have understood the basis of the game.

Then to progress, you will have to be patient and spend a few good hours to be able to discover your sexy employees a little more.


On your left you have several tabs that will be very useful.

Cockville Porn Game

In first you have simply the market where you can buy resources from other players, but also sell them!

In the second tab you have the stores where you can buy resources, in the third and not the least, it is the tab that concerns all the guys of the game!


You can find there all the men unlocked so far, but also the hentai scenes that you have unlocked. When you click on a character’s sheet you also have access to all the details you have learned about him and the story you had with him.

In fourth place you have the delivery tab which allows you to perform quests to gain more comfort and satisfy your friends’ heart-shaped gauge.

Cockville Screenshot Game

In Cockville, the more satisfied your guys are, the more they will let you learn about them and offer you the chance to fuck them!

And finally you have a transportation and a tab for the impatient who prefer to buy diamonds or sex scenes.

Throughout the game, you will have to constantly improve your land, build new buildings, harvest your little vegetables … Just know what you want simply.



The hentai scenes of Cockvilles are well present throughout the game. As said before when you sympathize with men you will be able to fuck them cheerfully and uncensored!

And it must be said that there is something for everyone.

Blond, Asian, black, mature and many other kitty will be at your disposal for your greatest pleasure.

Cockville screenshot


The graphics are reminiscent of games like Farmville for example, but the big difference is that it is still a hentai game. So the graphics of Cockville are great!

Each of the guys are different, whether it’s physical, physical or professional, you have a lot of choices. There are a lot of colors in the game, which gives it a punchy touch.



For the audio nothing to complain about, Cockville offers a music atmosphere of farm like western, which is really very pleasant to listen.

Cockville Sex Game

Cockville Sex Gameplay

Cockville XXX game

Cockville XXX Gameplay


If you like yaois, but you haven’t dared to play Cockville yet, don’t hesitate anymore! This free game will become a must-have for your computer. A yaoi game in the genre of life simulation and hentai, what more could you ask for ?



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