Project QT

Game Synopsis

Project QT is a Puzzle RPG that offers much more than standard puzzle game elements. Buckle up and prepare to embark on the greatest adventure this side of the multiverse!

Take the hottest cuties you’ve ever imagined, explore a fascinating new universe, and mix in some intense battles, and you’ve got the ideal formula for fun!

There is always a mission for you here, with so many girls to evolve, level up, and upgrade. And the rewards are even better! As you go through the stages, seduce the females to unlock sensual hentai scenarios that will have your heart racing.

One of the best games with animated sex scenes is Project QT.

Project QT hentai game

Important Characteristics


You can’t help but wonder. What do an Arctic black hole experiment, a portal to another dimension, and a space virus have in common? That’s right, a slew of sexy monster girls!

Welcome to an extraordinary universe. A mysterious space virus has made its way to our globe via a sub-dimensional gateway in the far future, and all that stands between humanity and ultimate disaster is your squad of gorgeous hotties.

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Join the battle in a world on the point of collapse! Fuck your way to victory by pursuing the hottest college kids this side of the cosmos!

Project QT


Project QT is playable on a PC browser, Android, and iOS.

A visually amazing adult game that blends puzzle game elements with intense RPG turn-based battle style action, hot heroines, and spicy artwork.

Project QT offers something for everyone!

Recruit your attractive heroes to fight the horrible sickness that has spread over your land.


Project QT xxx hentai

Prepare yourselves for some extremely sexy, unfiltered, and brilliantly filthy artwork.

Summon the most powerful women on this side of the universe, lead them into combat, and reap your rightful rewards as the hero by unlocking sex scenes with each of them.

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  • Use Memory Fragments to Help Your Girls Grow!
  • Increase Their Loyalty And Skill Levels To Unlock Their Kinky Videos!
  • Gifts improve their abilities, whilst seduction tools make them devoted to you and only you!
  • H-Scene Interactives That Will Get You Going! Tap The Screen In Several Of Their
  • Scenes To Make Your Monster Girls Cum!


  • 1 to 5 rarity scheme! The higher the rarity, the less garments your females will wear, so improve as much as you can!
  • There are 10 or more girls accessible, each with their own 3 to 6 steamy H-scenes!
  • Interactive sex scenes with the best, most fearless, and sexiest fighters!
  • Android, iOS, and PC Browser are all supported.

Project QT sex game


Are you easily scared, or do you prefer to seize any opportunity (however strange) and make the most of it? If the latter is your answer, then this game is perfect for you! Project QT is now available, a puzzle clicker RPG that will quickly become one of your favorite games.

Welcome to the 13th campus, where you are the subject of an antibody study to help save the world from a dangerous virus. Once you’ve settled in, thanks to Priscilla, who will serve as your guide and mentor, you’ll be ready to dive headfirst into this seductive interplanetary adventure.

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Your new life in Project QT serves several functions. One of them is to combat whatever smoking hot monsters come your way in a planet that is slowly falling apart. Another is to recruit and train as many waifus as possible, as they will form your fighting squad to fight for you.

Project QT porn game

The end boss of each fight stage will greet you in the playroom once beaten and at your mercy. From there, you’ll be able to entice, play, and, of course, watch the steamy displays they put on for you again and again. Let’s be honest: who needs a stuck-up princess when you can complete a level applauded by a wicked, kinky monster boss out to gratify your darkest fantasies?

You will become an expert at putting all the parts together to ace the winning combinations that will catapult you to victory as you rock your head to the highly intense battle soundtrack! Remember that elements trump one another; water tops fire, fire trumps wind, wind trumps lightning, and lightning trumps water. Oh, and don’t forget to use your babes’ special abilities during battle to help you win! Do you want to boost your prizes and take on a much larger challenge? Make sure to test out the hard mode; we know it’ll be perfect for you.

Project QT hentai

Collect rewards and send goods after each battle won to help you improve your trained fighters. The more your gorgeous warriors evolve, the more their physical look changes. And by “changes,” we mean “they become more revealing, tease you endlessly.” And, if you can’t shake out of the trance that these sizzling hot graphics have induced, the game includes a handy “auto” mode that will play the best moves for you, allowing you to focus on your recent win–or, you know, whatever is grabbing your attention.

There’s a lot more to learn in this fast-paced game, and one thing’s for sure: you won’t last 5 seconds 😉

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