King of Kinks

Are you ready to play one of the best and sexiest fast-paced fantasy hentai RPGs for Android, iOS, and PC for free? In King of Kinks, you can join the struggle against the Kingdom of Clouds by assembling your own unique harem of powerful females and going to war! Featuring a wide range of girls to unlock and level up… including cat girls, ninjas, idols, elves, and many more… With so many options, everyone can find a favorite female!

Using an automatic 5v5 battle system, you will select your favorite characters and form a lethal squad. Take on a story mode with a plethora of levels and stages, each one more difficult than the last! Create a strategy, swap your females, and strengthen your team to take on more difficult challenges and unlock larger rewards!

There are numerous game modes to go through in King of Kinks, ranging from a compelling Story Mode to an exhilarating PvP arena, extra challenge levels, and unique events.

If you’re looking for high-quality detailed animated hentai content, the chat dating system is one of the greatest in any hentai game. Make the proper decisions and get closer to your females to access all of their spicy stuff. These naughty and erotic scenarios for a wide range of fetishes are featured in these high definition and fully animated sex scenes, which are all 100% uncensored.

So begin your adventure now, gather your harem, and live out your wildest desires in King of Kinks!

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Your father was a remarkable man, a front-line rebel… his target? The Kingdom of Clouds is ruled by a legion of busty girls with an iron grip and a desire to conquer. These lustful ladies are nasty mistresses who have dominated all of the men in the country. However, your grandfather, the Rebel King, wishes to change all of that.

King of Kinks - hentai game

The Cloud Kingdom, unfortunately for your father, does not tolerate rebellion. Dear old papa is hanged for his acts and impudence, and equality is ended – women reign all.

His legacy has fallen into your hands as his sole heir, and you must now dedicate your life to carrying out your father’s desires. Will you lead a rebellion to overthrow the matriarchy? Or are you going to be saying “yes, mommy” for the rest of your life? You have a choice!

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Gameplay Overview

King of Kinks is a cutting-edge 2D sex game with amazing animations and attractive characters. A squad-based role-playing theme in which you must assemble a team of 5 dangerous girls and go on the offensive. Play through a fun and fast automatic 5vs5 battle system, finish numerous stages, and earn rewards to strengthen your squad and gain the opportunity to recruit new hot characters! This fast-paced battle mechanism is what distinguishes King of Kinks. Simply customize your team to your liking and then send your gals into battle without having to do anything, it’s that simple!

After the combat, you’ll be able to power up your gals, switch up your team, or try your luck in the lucrative gacha system to earn more allies for your adventure. There is always something exciting to do in King of Kinks because there are so many distinct modes to pick from. The game will keep you captivated for hours with its spectacular PvP arena mode, daily challenges, carnivals, event stages, and so much more! Going on leave? No worries, the game also has a cool AFK mechanism that allows you to acquire a lot of loot and level up while you’re offline.

King of Kinks - hentai xxx game

Not only is King of Kinks a fantastic RPG, but it’s also one of the most visually stunning free hentai RPGs available, with some of the most fluid animated sex scenes and rich visuals. Each H-scene is completely uncut and brutal – not a single mosaic in sight! By participating in the innovative Chat dating system, you can unlock and collect seductive films of the girls.

See why King of Kinks has been named one of the finest games featuring animated sex scenes on Nutaku. Begin your quest and create the greatest harem to suit your every dream in King of Kinks right now!

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Key Features


King of Kinks is a deep RPG with hours of plot to uncover. Discover your kingdom’s secrets, and defeat the oppressive Cloud Kingdom once and for all!

Send your heroines on an adventure while you’re on your journey! They’ll go to the remote reaches of the realm, battle fearsome opponents, and return with loot. It’s an excellent technique to keep your resources stable while reclaiming the kingdom!

The cast is made up of a wide and eclectic mix of dangerous divas eager to do combat, jump your bones, or both! (And not always in that order!) One of the most enjoyable aspects of King of Kinks is getting to know these seductive sirens. A good tale is wonderful, but it is the characters who make it genuinely unique – and sensual!


On-the-go casual action-packed JRPG! You don’t have to lift a finger to watch attractive anime girls fight in real time thanks to zippy automatic combat!

King’s War’s lightning-fast PVP arena will keep you coming back for more. Compete against genuine players from across the world and put your skills to the test against an avalanche of tough hotties! Do you possess the qualities required to be the best?

King of Kinks - hentai sex game

Pray to four goddesses – Freyja, Joan, Nuwa, and Zhuyin – to help them reach their full combat potential. Each goddess is associated with a specific faction, so choose wisely and devote all of your resources to your chosen deity. Even better? The goddesses have their own sex sequences and animations! Religion has never been more popular.

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Offline incentives keep you close to the action at all times! When you’re not playing, collect treasure and level up, then come back in, cash in your loot, and keep going!

Face off against a rotating cast of ferocious Guild Bosses – terrible beasts who will rip you apart in an instant. Every week, Guild Bosses appear, so gather your best gals and compete for supremacy!

King of Kinks - hentai porn game


Each girl have distinct powers and combat abilities. Choose from ninjas, devils, knights, queens, and princesses… the possibilities are endless! Create the greatest possible team and send your ladies to attack the Cloud Kingdom. Everyone may enjoy some lighthearted SRPG action!


A multitude of game variants will keep you occupied for months. In the Mystic Tower, you can put your strength to the test while also earning incredible riches! Parallel Worlds will let you to battle formidable mirror bosses – pumped-up versions of baddies out to ruin your life.

Want to get your heart pumping? Then, in Isle Exploration, take on savage pirates in a difficult gauntlet that throws your beauties against the nastiest of enemies. Can you survive and take all of the loot?


Battle in an exciting PvP mode with your strongest squad and show everyone your superiority. Climb the rankings online to gain a plethora of rewards in an interesting and exciting Arena mode! Each encounter will allow you to collect special arena currency, which can be exchanged for special delights and valuable things in the shop.

Each season has its own set of awards, so check out how much time is left in the Arena Mode and attempt to rank as high as you can! Higher ranking implies bigger prizes and more opportunities to receive the greatest item available.


Over 40 chicks with distinct animations, chats, and steamy sex scenarios await you. You can have steamy dates with your favorite girls and unlock her sensual animations by using an immersive chat dating system. Learn about each girl in private, then take them to the bedroom to clinch the deal… All will submit to your cock, whether evil empress or submissive darling!

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Sexting seems just as real as SMS messaging, but with ladies who could never exist! Every girl wishes she could talk to you – and have you all to herself!


You’re in for some raw, intense hentai action. Hot animation, searing images, and sensual talks with dozens of beautiful girls. The only difficult thing is deciding which one to fuck first!

King of Kinks features an appealing and elegant visual style that focuses on huge, busty women. What about a double D? What is triple D? Please – that is the very minimum! Each female has big, luscious thighs and firm, round buttocks. The best way to enjoy fun is to be fully figured!

Not only are the girls stunning, but the mind-blowing sex scenes will leave you wanting more. King of Kinks boasts some of the hottest animation in any hentai game, including fully animated and uncensored sex scenes.

King of Kinks


Every month, there are new festivities! During these timed events, you can unlock exclusive costumes and sex scenes, but don’t wait too long because they don’t stay forever.

Wishing Fountains, which can be rolled to call powerful new allies, are regularly added to the game. These are updated once a week, so you’ll always have the opportunity to summon someone fresh!

King of Kinks has no shortage of chances to cash in and draw large summons, from festivals to summon events and lucky spins! You’ll never run out of innovative ways to put your luck to the test.

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