World of Whorecraft

Everyone who has been a part of the gaming world for the previous few decades is familiar with the mythical World of Warcraft, where Gnomes, Blood Elfs, Drows, Orcs, and Vorgens roam.

I was always wondering when a bigwig in the adult industry would decide to develop a porn parody of it, as they had done with so many other well-known games in the past.

And I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to come upon World of WhoreCraft, a magical, legendary game with awesome word play.

I couldn’t wait to get launched into this spellbinding area where the most extremely filthy and erotically beguiling story lines are propelled straight at you in less than a minute flat.

world of whorecraft

Top Features

  • Based on the popular MMORPG
  • Choose your adventure
  • Interactive scenes
  • Play online with other players

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Wonderful Animation From Another World

The illustrators for this sex game went out of their way to portray the blood elf and mortal mistresses as not only the hottest and sexiest, but also the horniest and kinkiest. There is no joking here.

The faces have an angelic appearance, but there is a hint of naughtiness in them. With enormous firm breasts, slender waists, shaven pussies, and delectable bottoms, the bodies are all picture perfect.

Not to mention those captivating green eyes, pointy elf ears, and fluttering wings. You’ll like the skimpy, provocative costumes they wear before diving into all that glorious nakedness.

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Discover Vulgar and Vile XXX Sex Exploits

I swear to you, pounding one of these supernatural animals will bring your world to a halt for hours on end. I enjoy the feeling of being in command of my sexual zones and of how my passionate rendezvous will conclude.

And yes, they have a large selection of fictitious porn scenarios and intense sex actions to choose from.

If you want XXX hardcore stuff that will literally make your eyes burst open, you’ve come to the proper spot, appropriately dubbed World of WhoreCraft.

To think about it! Who wouldn’t want to be one of those well-hung Orcs or Worgens ravishing every tight spot on a nymphomaniac, Blood Elf’s body every day for a couple of hours?

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Simple Instructions for Multi-Players

The World of WhoreCraft website is simple to use, with the game component hooking up with random-playable folks with whom the player character can then join forces. Everything is done through a dialogue system.

With the NPCs participant in place, you are now ready to raise hell with every fantastically invented sex activity humanly imaginable using the communication wheel. And believe me when I say that the hardcore sex plots offered are incredible, to say the least. Immediate

All you have to do is register for this to happen! You will first answer a few simple questions, then fill out your name and e-mail address. It is critical to provide your present location. Why?

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Because they can instantly connect you with other players who live in your region, resulting in less lag and better game performance.

Unfortunately, by law, you must provide them with a legitimate credit card in order for them to validate your age. But don’t worry, when they say you can play for free, they really mean it.

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