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Tentacle Lust is a 100% free porn gaming site

This portal, as the name Tentacle Lust implies, is based on that awesome and freaky sub-genre of Hentai that all tentacles loving, sex gaming lovers can’t get enough of.

Tentacles function as a complete niche category in porn gaming enjoyment and are so prevalent in this all-over unique porn game. The majority of tentacle erotica is animated, such in this Hentai Tentacle Game, and features instantly recognizable Hentai art graphics.

Huge tentacles find their way inside kinky Lilith’s juicy, tight openings for hard and deep thrashings in each animated animation. Wow, this is one of the most popular, blockbuster-style Tentacle Sex Games you’ll have the opportunity to play right now for free.

Tentacle Lust

Top Features

  • Extreme Tentacle Penetration
  • Bonus Tentacle Games and Videos
  • Customization Options

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Join Lilith’s journey to avenge the tentacle monsters who murdered her family.

Tentacle Lust is an SLG (Simulated Live Game) sex game with a love sim component and absolutely unique real-time strategic fights. You’ll start the game as your own avatar and embark on an exciting voyage as the tale introduces you to the main royal heroine named Lilith, who immediately gets you into all the fucking fun.

Too rapidly summarize the Tentacle Lust game’s adventures Lilith began by searching the woods for materials to utilize for her outfit. Then, outrageously large, cock-like tentacles invade her gigantic pussy, which fertilizes her.

When she returns to her family and friends, they all tell her to leave them alone. Lilith, the little sweetie, is compelled to retreat to the wilderness and hide.

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Increase the size of your army via breeding

Of course, that is far from the end of this Hentai Tentacle Game. First, you’ll have a lot of fun expanding your small artillery, enslaving populations, and gradually building them larger. I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that the best method to build the army is through your own breeding.

You might feel sorry for Lilith, but it’s evident to everyone that she’s having a great time with everything that’s happening to her. Trust me when I say that the storyline will have you engrossed for hours on end, and keep in mind that Lilith is the only woman in the game, which adds to the excitement.

She can not only lure the game’s 150+ monster breeds; she can also suck and fuck them all into protecting her private army in order to save the Humana Kingdom. Congratulations, princess Lilith!

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Lilith’s hunt for more beast tentacles in order to save her Humana Kingdom

Tentacle Sex Games will occasionally contain two components to its phase, which in this case means battle and construction. You’re seeking for brand new tentacles, designing new ones, and then offering them the best fuck of their lives so they can go find food and water.

When you’ve decided that your army is ready to invade a community, fights will take place in real time, and you’ll have to pick which monsters will be most effective in decimating your gaming opponents.

You’ll quickly figure out what has to happen in order for the strategic game plan to work in your favor.

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Tentacle Lust may be played on your phone, iPad, or computer

Tentacle Lust was created in Flash, but the 2.5 asymmetric approaches completely transform this Tentacle Sex game into a stunning life-like experience. I must emphasize that our Tentacle Sex Games developers worked quite hard on it.

Tentacle Lust is the number one platform for playing this amazing game online on any device, from iOS/Android phones and tablets to any PC browser! But keep in mind! If you want to save your progress, you must continue playing this Hentai Tentacle sex game on the same device where you started.

We don’t expect you to complete the game in a single day. Tentacle Lust is the best virtual, interactive experience available on the adult internet right now, and it’s completely free.

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