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Summertime Saga is a game that is always being updated. New content is released on a regular basis to further the storyline and include new characters and objectives. As a result, with each update, the plot may evolve and vary.

Update 0.20.10, according to the official site, fixes the following bugs:

I fixed a number of tiny mistakes in the dialogue.

Enhanced the activation of the new Jenny event during save migration.

The bug that was blocking the activation of Roxxy’s old locker sex event has been resolved.

Patches and mods are available for download, as with any popular game. One of the most popular mods restores the original material of the game. Another popular mod includes new customization options including stockings, heels, and body hair.

Players should resort to official sources and updates supplied by the game’s creator and community for the most up-to-date and accurate summary of the game’s plot.

We recommend checking the official Summertime Saga website or social media channels for the most up-to-date information on the game’s current situation.


Summertime Saga is an adult-themed visual novel and dating simulator that is both graphically appealing and content-rich. Summertime Saga, Patreon’s most popular sex game, combines corny 80s movies, Phineas and Ferb, and intense sex to create a wonderfully enjoyable and unique adult gaming experience.

Set during summer vacation in a charming tiny town, the game encourages you to embark on a trip packed with romance, intrigue, humor, sex, and surprising experiences. Summertime Saga is an immersive experience that keeps you involved throughout the game with an unusual blend of interactive gameplay, compelling tales, and unique characters.

You play as a young man named “Jake” (customizable) who is grappling with the recent and mysterious loss of his father. Following his father’s death, Jake’s life takes an unexpected turn as he becomes involved in a series of weird and intriguing occurrences in his tiny town.

Summertime Saga begins after the main character graduates from high school. You are immediately immersed in a big and interactive universe packed with amusing people, locales, and dirty behaviors to discover.

Your main goal is to figure out who killed your father while having sex with and impregnating every attractive girl in the game. Other activities in the game include managing Jake’s daily life, building relationships, fulfilling missions, and solving various riddles.


Summertime Saga was primarily created by a person known as “DarkCookie” for Kompas Productions. It is totally supported by over 26,000 monthly Patreon subscribers globally.

DarkCookie is the game’s main developer, writer, and artist. He began working on Summertime Saga as a solo project and is responsible for much of the game’s original content, such as the storyline, artwork, and gameplay mechanisms.

Around 2016, game production began. Because of its fascinating storyline, visual novel components, and explicit sex content, it soon acquired appeal in the adult gaming community. Despite being a one-man project, DarkCookie was able to keep the game updated on a regular basis, adding new content, characters, and adventures throughout time.

Other persons, including volunteers and supporters, have contributed to the development and support of Summertime Saga in addition to DarkCookie. These people assisted on activities such as bug fixing, testing, translations, and offering comments on the game’s progress.

Other participants in the development include:

  • Lead Code: Stray Error
  • Captain Sploosh: Dialogue and Writing
  • Dialogue & Posing in Catbug
  • Music and SFX by AoiichiNiiSan
  • Sam9: Websites and Servers
  • Human Resources and Cookie Baker: Creamy Cookie


For PC:

  • Windows 7 or later, macOS, or Linux are the recommended operating systems.
  • Dual-core CPU processor
  • RAM size: 2 GB
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics with compatibility for DirectX 9/OpenGL 4.1.
  • 2 GB of storage space is available.

For Android users:

  • Version of Android: 4.4 KitKat or later
  • RAM: 2 GB or greater
  • 2 GB of storage space is available.

For the Mac:

  • macOS 10.7 (Lion) or later is required for operation.
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or comparable processor.
  • Memory (RAM): at least 2 GB.
  • Graphics: Integrated graphics with OpenGL 2.1 or later support.
  • 2 GB of storage space is available.


Summertime Saga is available for free download and play right now!

To begin your epic quest, visit the official Kompas Productions website.

Summertime Saga -> iOS Download

Summertime Saga -> Android Apk Download

Summertime Saga -> Windows & Linux Download


Summertime Saga

The game has a diverse cast of characters, tasks, and storylines. To move swiftly, you need begin increasing your stats, doing quests, and earning money. Here’s a guide with general tips and strategies to help you proceed through Summertime Saga:

To begin your epic quest, visit the official Kompas Productions website.

  • Explore the Environment: Take your time exploring the various areas in the game. Interact with different characters and items to start events and missions.
  • Performing Quests: The game is centered around performing quests, collecting money, and engaging with characters. Take note of the quests you acquire, as they will frequently lead you to new storylines and locales.
  • Build Relationships: Getting to know the characters is an important part of the game. Talk to them on a regular basis and give them gifts. Assist them with their issues in order to improve the status of each relationship.
  • Upgrade Skills: Your character’s skills, such as strength, charisma, intelligence, and dexterity, may all be improved. Developing these abilities will allow you to interact with new characters and progress through certain plot sections.
  • Earn Money: Money is important in the game. You can get money by doing things like working part-time or selling products. Having enough money will allow you to advance in certain quests.
  • Save frequently: There is no autosave feature in the game. As a result, save your progress on a regular basis to avoid losing any significant progress.
  • Take Note of the Time: Time is an important component in Summertime Saga. Certain events and quests are only available at specified hours or on specific days of the week. Plan your activities carefully, and don’t forget to save!

Finally, enjoy the game’s vast amount of content and interesting tale. Spend some time immersing yourself in the world of Summertime Saga and its colorful array of characters.


Attend School: Go to school right away to begin the game’s storyline. There, you will encounter a variety of people and given objectives that will guide you through the game’s early stages.

Meet the Cast: Interact with the people you meet at school and throughout town. Developing relationships with them is essential for progressing the story and unlocking additional objectives.

Explore the Town: Spend some time exploring the many sites in the game, such as your home, school, and other locations around town. Exploring the world will help you become acquainted with it and locate potential quest triggers.

Improve your skills by fulfilling the quests set to you by characters. Quests are the major means of progressing through the story and gaining access to new content.

Complete Quests: Money is important in the game. You can get money by doing things like working part-time or selling products. Having enough money will allow you to advance in certain quests.

Improve Your Character’s Skills: Work on enhancing your character’s skills, particularly strength, intelligence, and charisma. Gaining skill points will allow you to interact with new people and fulfill certain objectives.

Earn money by networking and dating gorgeous girls and beginning to form relationships with the characters. Giving presents and spending time with a female will strengthen your bond.

Examine Your Phone: Your character’s phone is full with useful information, such as mission goals and character contacts. Keep checking back for updates and critical reminders.


Part-Time Jobs: You can find part-time work at the beach, malls, and other sites. Completing these tasks will earn you money.

Sell objects: You can sell a variety of objects for money. Find valuable goods that aren’t required for tasks and sell them at the pawnshop or to certain characters.

Completing Quests: Certain mini-games, like as poker or slot machines in a casino, allow you to gamble your savings.

Gambling: Priority should be given to complete the objectives handed to you by characters. Quests are the major means of progressing through the story and gaining access to new content.

Find Hidden Money: Explore the game’s various locations and interact with the things. You may come upon hidden money or precious objects on occasion.

Farming: Later in the game, you will be able to grow and sell crops on the farm to earn extra money.

Character Assistance: Assist certain characters with their difficulties or fulfill their wishes. They may give you money or valuable stuff as a reward.

Distributing Flyers: In some cases, your character may be asked to distribute flyers for specific characters in exchange for payment.


The protagonist’s house acts as the game’s starting place. Your room, bathroom, and kitchen are all located there. You may also be able to access your computer, save the game, and organize activities at home.
High School: The school plays an important role in Summertime Saga. You attend courses here, engage with classmates and teachers, and obtain missions and storylines relevant to your studies.

  • Beach: The beach is a popular place to relax, meet people, and engage in beach-related activities. Characters such as Roxxy and Mia may be seen here.
  • The mall is a bustling place with various stores and options to work part-time and earn money. Here you’ll find a comic shop, a clothing store, and other businesses.
  • The park is a peaceful setting where you can meet personalities such as June and Diane. It’s a fantastic location to unwind and interact.
  • The hospital is where you can meet characters such as Nurse Jenny and Diane’s mother. Certain quests and events concerning health and medicine take place here.
  • Cemetery: At the cemetery, you can visit your father’s grave and occasionally engage with characters such as Debbie.
  • The library is a peaceful place where you can study, read books, and work on improving your character’s intelligence.
  • Erik’s House: Erik and Mrs. Johnson live at Erik’s House. You can engage with them and advance specific stories by visiting here.
  • Eve’s House: Eve lives in Eve’s house, where you can meet her and her sister, Grace.
  • Banks: In the game, there are two banks where you can deposit or withdraw money.
  • Casino: A casino is a place where you can try your luck at various gambling mini-games like poker and slot machines.
  • Farm: Later in the game, you’ll be able to access a farm area where you can cultivate and sell crops.


  • Jake (the protagonist, whose name can be changed)
  • Jake’s mother, Debbie
  • Jake’s aunt, Diane
  • Jake’s crush and a fellow student, Roxxy
  • Roxxy’s best buddy, Mia
  • Mia’s sister, Judith
  • Jenny (the principal’s secretary)
  • Erik’s mother, Mrs. Johnson
  • Jake’s best friend, Erik
  • Eve’s sister, Grace
  • Eve (a strange young lady)
  • Tony is a tattoo artist.
  • June (a park-going girl)
  • Miss Bissette (Jake’s instructor)
  • Jake’s French instructor, Miss Ross
  • Kevin (a classmate who is also a bully)
  • Odette (a Roxxy classmate and friend)
  • Aqua is a mall waiter.
  • Okita (the officer of the law)
  • Mia’s mother (a yoga teacher)
  • Principal Smith (the principal of the school)
  • Larry (the owner of a pawnshop)
  • Chad (a personal trainer)



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