Kamihime PROJECT R

One of the most played games on Nutaku ever is Kamihime Project R. These guys are very notorious in the porn game scene, so you may recall me mentioning them before. They don’t really push into new technologies or anything like that as part of their act.

They like honing the formula that first made them well-known. Their initial game may have been a while back; I’m not sure, but since then they’ve amassed a sizable library of steamy, lewd, and hentai-inspired games, almost all of which are free to play.


You can lead a team of Kamihime in vibrantly animated turn-based combat against a range of terrifying adversaries. To defeat your adversaries, use a variety of attack, defense, healing, and support abilities.

Cooperative Raid Battles

Join forces with people from all across the world to defeat powerful raid bosses. Together, build a union with your friends and work to defeat those who would harm your world by supporting one another.



Configure your party according to your preferred playing style. Enhance and equip your team’s weapons to enable them to defeat formidable opponents.

Fantasy Epic Story

Your journey will take you to extraordinary lands where you will encounter villainous foes and helpful allies. You will be able to get to know your Kamihime through additional tasks.

Kamihime collectibles

There are several methods to extend your squad and unleash their powers with the seed of the Successor, whether it is through teamwork in main quests, release through the Gacha, or winning an event.

The Gods of Gacha

People who are being both judgemental and cheeky have in the past referred to Nutaku’s games as RPGachas. On the one hand, the fact that freemium games aren’t entirely free makes it quite simple to criticize them. On the other hand, you should probably be appreciative when you can access hundreds of freemium games all under one roof without having to spend a dime. I won’t lie; I don’t judge. Although Nutaku isn’t my favorite porn portal, they rank quite high still. The thing I appreciate the most is that they continue to prioritize quality. Particularly, the pussies are always at their absolute best.

What? Am I overly objectifying women? I’ll compliment those as well when Nutaku draws more dicks, of course. The idea is that every game on their list exhibits their extraordinary skill at depicting human bodies in hentai style. Additionally, they have this nose-related maneuver that I find quite seductive.


I’m sorry if it was unclear. The majority of the artists that create Nutaku games incorporate various western inspirations into their work, and the noses are consistently illustrated in a western manner. Because of this, I find all of the hentai girls in their games to be extremely sexy because they seem much more distinctive and original.

The women in Nutaku games appear as unique as shit despite the fact that I must have seen a million hentai beauties throughout the course of my career.

All right, let’s return to Kamihime and discuss what makes this specific Nutaku title unique.

The Top of the Top

Although they seem to enjoy and appreciate each of their games equally, Kamihime Project R is definitely one of Nutaku’s flagship titles. However, in my opinion, this game takes the prize. I am familiar with how the sex scenes appear when they are combined. Hours of authentic, hard-core hentai. That’s the sort of return I can anticipate.

There is no crazy nonsense, amazing artwork, and steamy sex scenes. There were no forceful penetrations or tentacle rapes. You feel as though you have earned all of the pure guy on female action. You get to know these girls quite well. You start to like them a lot and feel like you’re developing a relationship with them. They have highly likeable personalities. Additionally, since they are your combat party, you value their contributions as well. They are more than just ornaments.


However, because I’m here to assess the entire game and not just the hentai scenes, I need to consider the effort that goes into obtaining these scenes, so let’s do that now.

Playing a good game

I’ll be honest and say that I don’t enjoy Nutaku’s puzzle-centric RPG games. Minigames that include pornographic scenes annoy me because they make my heart race. I dislike moving from being excited to being focused and then back to being excited. I get the impression that I’m being played. Going from warfare to sexual activity and then back to fighting is a very different tale. All of it is exciting.

I adore RPGs like this one where battle truly has significance. The girls are all making significant contributions as well. To be able to handle anything the game throws at you, you must plan the fight before it begins and establish the makeup of your team. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, you’ll feel the emotional pull of it deeply. Additionally, the game benefits greatly from having two distinct art styles for the sex and battle sequences, but we’ll get into that later.


Combat really picks up in intensity. You’ll initially think that everything is simple, but as the challenge increases, you’ll reach a point where all the girls are equally a gift and a liability. You have to consider which female you’re going to level up, when, and for what reasons because they all have various abilities. They cannot all be thrown together and hoped for the best. You can only have so many party members. Additionally, the game awards you for employing every girl, so you must frequently mix and match them. The entire experience has a slight pet game vibe, something a la Pokemon. You know, you’re gathering and leveling up different species. They just so happen to be hentai babes with huge breasts.

The Art Forms

When it comes to painting hentai titties, nutaku is the law. Never in my life have I seen a collection of excellent quality drawn smut that is that constant. Even the somewhat overweight girls in every game are completely fuckable. These games’ designers are skilled at dispensing top-notch boners. They frequently employ the traditional hentai techniques and styles, but they always add their own unique twist. They went all out on the titties in this game to the sky and clouds in the distance.


Now, when you’re engaged in fight, all you really see are lovely figures on a flat, detailed 2D background. To make the sprites stand out and let you know what is in action and what is distant in the background, they use some form of artistic gimmick. All of the artwork is also clear and high resolution. On a 32-inch screen, I played this game, and it looked fantastic. The game’s square shape made it a little strange, but other than that, it looked amazing and razor-sharp. The game’s assets should resize according to the size of your screen, but I’m not certain. The game is gorgeous to look at in either case.

The backgrounds are stunning, and the girls are ridiculously cute. This is one of those Nutaku games where every aspect of the artwork is evidently the result of many hours of labor. But since you came here to read about the sexy portions, let’s get started right away.

The Great Smut

There are literally hours of sex scenes in this game. They are distributed relatively evenly throughout the game, but you have to work for the majority of them. The tutorial of the game opens with a very spectacular triple gangbang. The girls will agree to fuck you pretty much whenever you want after that, but you basically have to become friends with them before you can win their love or whatever.


You accomplish this by employing them in battle, advancing their levels, and selecting the kind of skills you want them to employ. This is the situation where mixing and matching is useful. To ensure that you finally get to fuck them all, you must cycle all of your girls in and out of combat. Alternately, you may stay with a group of actresses you absolutely adore and rush to their best scenes. You have every motive to just keep cultivating as they become hotter.

Simple favors, a strip here, a blowjob there, and then the full-on naked penetration are the incentives at first. These sex scenes are used frequently in the game to tease you and keep you coming back.

Freemium Component

The only true drawback to this game, and basically any Nutaku game, is that, I suppose. You must dedicate time to it. You can occasionally play it casually, but if you want to sprint frantically to the finish line, you’re out of luck. My recommendation is to play this game whenever you have some free time, and be sure to maximize the daily awards. They are incredibly valuable and effectively render the paid rewards meaningless.

However, if you have a deep pocketbook and little patience, you can pretty much pour as much money as you want into the game, skipping all the BS and getting right to the fun stuff. Sincerly, I have no idea which strategy is superior, but if you want free games, RPG tales, and smut all at once, this game achieves a wonderful balance. I haven’t mastered it myself, but because you can play the game indefinitely, I’m not even sure how you would go about doing that. Guess you’ll have to find out for yourself.



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