Honey Select Unlimited

Until now, our exposure to Japan’s burgeoning “sex game” industry in an official capacity has been primarily through eroge and nukige visual novels.

But with the western hentai (Japanese porn) localizer and publisher Fakku’s partnership with Illusion, everyone can now get their hands on one of the world’s most famous “sex simulations“: Honey Select Unlimited. It would be a shame not to take a look, right?


  • Very inventive game
  • The hentai mode very well worked
  • Many sex scenes


  • Scenes sometimes hard

An ultra-inventive porn game

Honey Select Unlimited is a porn game available online in which you can create your future sexual partners from scratch. The whole software is divided into two main areas: a complete character creator and the “game” component. The full version also comes with a separate application called Honey Unlimited Studio.

Setting up Honey Select Unlimited is simple. While walking around, you come across a huge mysterious building and, naturally, you decide to walk around to see what place it is.

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You are greeted by a refined young woman named Sitri, who explains that you have entered “a place to find partners; a special place where you can find the perfect partner for you and you alone,” Thus begins your journey to this inventive porn game.

honey select unlimited

Your goal is to have lots of sex and seduce all the women you meet to convince them to sleep with you.

While the demo version of Honey Select Unlimited required you to use the character creator to find a partner for yourself, the full version offers two alternative ways to find someone to spend intimate moments with.

honey select unlimited

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The character creator is still present, of course – but this time with many more clothing and personality options to customize your game partner.

You’ll have access to many parameters like height, breast size, body type, skin tone, personality, whether she wears glasses or has elf ears. You can also answer a questionnaire about your ideal partner and let the simulator do the work for you.

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The flexibility of Honey Select Unlimited‘s character creator is such that you can create a wide variety of possible partners for yourself, ranging from flat-chested, shy, skinny waifs to nymphomaniacs who will be immediately in love with you within the first few minutes of meeting.

honey select unlimited

Honey Select Unlimited – Exciting sex scenes

So, how do these sex scenes work? Well, you can simply use them as a form of interactive pornography if you wish, and in fact there is even an “auto” mode that allows you to enjoy the show with a variety of different positions, speeds and animations. But take control and there’s actually a lot more going on under the hood than you think.

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The basics of the sex mechanics in Honey Select involve selecting a position from those available – more unlocking based on where you are, the girl’s experience and mood, and the achievements you’ve unlocked – and then using the mouse wheel to adjust the speed of what happens on screen.

Depending on exactly what you’re doing, you’ll find a “sweet spot” for the speed indicated by a heart symbol that makes the male or female pleasure meter go up, and each position has three levels of intensity, two of which can be selected at the beginning, and a third of which occurs automatically once the girl’s pleasure has crossed a certain threshold.

honey select unlimited

Find her G-spot

If you particularly like an animation, you can lock the male or female pleasure counters to their current values, preventing them from crossing the threshold that leads to intense animations and preventing the girl from having an orgasm when her counter fills up completely.

There is no penalty for this, and indeed with the relatively fast speed that the meter fills, you may want to take advantage and take your time on a particular scene.

One of the many good things about Honey Select Unlimited‘s sex scenes are the subtle little touches.

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Reach a girl’s G-spot in terms of speed and her facial expression and voice will change to indicate the fact that she’s having more fun.

Characters sweat over time. And giving a girl a series of thunderous orgasms in quick succession will exhaust her, giving you a whole new set of animations to enjoy for each position.

In the longer term, Honey Select Unlimited models the psychological impact of various sexual activities on the girls you interact with.

There are different relationship statuses a girl can have with you: normal, affectionate, horny, disgusted, subservient and “broken”.

honey select unlimited

Each position you choose during a sex scene influences how the girl feels about you.

Honey Select Unlimited is a very inventive game and you will find it very hard to get tired of it!

Our opinion on this game

This game convinced us with its inventiveness and its numerous sex scenes. Impossible to get bored with this game which will make you completely addicted.

The hentai mode is very well done and will plunge you into the Japanese porn universe which is a delight as far as sexual excitement is concerned.

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