Grand Fuck Auto

Many congratulations to the Porn Biz for creating Grand Fuck Auto

If you are unfamiliar with the original video game, I always recommend researching up on it before writing a review for a porn parody game.

Assume you enjoy the game and its fictional characters, and because the adult industry has added a sexual flavor to it, you can play the role of unscrupulous Tommy Versetti and fuck the heck out of Amanda De Santa, among others.

However, you will not only be banging attractive girls, but you will also have a great time stealing luxurious autos, earning a lot of money, and evading law enforcement authorities.

Some of the horniest and sexiest babes will not fuck in any old car, so you’ll have to work hard to fulfill their high standards.

And at dusk, make your way to the local watering hole to spend your latest loot on wicked women and bourbon. You must also solve the difficulty of dealing with bosses.

grand fuck auto

Top Features

  • Unlock new missions
  • Tons of sexy characters to choose from
  • Great story mode

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Play games like Game of Whores, Hard Knight Rises, and Let’s Cut A Deal, among others

At Grand Fuck Auto, there are plenty of additional superhero, war, and racing themed porn parody games with excellent animation to enjoy. Check out Game of Whores, Let’s Cut A Deal, Hard Knight Rises, and Adult Mutant Ninja Turtles, to name a few.

What’s particularly appealing about these games is that you don’t necessarily have to complete chores in the same order, which means that the storyline will be slightly different each time you play.

The gameplay in the porn parodies is usually the same, which means that the more prime route you choose will be royally rewarded in erotically explicit, sex experiences. Even if you do not come out on top in the end, there is still enough of sexual enjoyment to be had.

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There are almost 600 games to play in the Bonus Area

In the bonus area, there are probably over 600 adult games to pick from. Unfortunately, when sex games become mainstream, some of the most explicit scenes are skipped, but that is the way of the adult industry right now.

When you join as a valued member, you will gain instant, free access to hundreds of full-length, top-rated DVDs, delivering thousands of hours of incredibly raw and uncut porn viewing fun. They also include multi-player games in the bonus area that may be played with other members.

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Navigation controls and game overviews are well displayed

The navigation controls and game overviews were straightforward to find on the internet, and the game instructions are simple to follow even if you are not a sex gaming expert.

After you’ve made an account, click the “Continue” button, and you’ll find yourself in the front seat of a red Ferrari with the number plate “Horny Honey,” which implies you’re ready to go for some intense screwing.

I must admit that playing the game is not for the faint of heart! You will encounter a few difficult roadblocks, the majority of which will occur when selecting the appropriate discussion alternatives. I quickly learned which characters were not to be trusted, which bosses to support, and who to throw over my hard-earned gold to, and I have a feeling you will as well.

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Grand Fuck Auto is a browser-based game

You’ll be relieved to learn that the Grand Fuck Auto porn parody game is entirely browser-based, which means no downloading to your PC is required. The game launches immediately on Safari, Opera, Chrome, or any other web browser you may be using.

grand fuck auto

When a website doesn’t even bother with Flash, you know it’s all HTML5 with Grand Fuck Auto. I do have one minor complaint, which is that they do not supply WASD controls and instead force you to utilize the arrow keys to play. But for a game of this magnitude, I don’t mind too much.

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