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Nowadays, new porn games are springing up like weeds. There are new releases all the time and you probably don’t have enough time to try them all.

Of course, we can understand that. And that’s why we make it our business to find the best porn games on the Internet. And if you are familiar with the scene, you have surely heard something about Fap CEO.

Fap CEO 1

The game has received quite a bit of attention in recent years. And rightly so. Because this game is not only awesome, but amazingly fun. In this article we write down our experiences with Fap CEO. You can find out whether the game is really worth it here.

What is Fap CEO?

Fap CEO is a hentai porn game. It was created by the provider Nutaku. This company has already released several other games, such as Booty Calls.

Most of Nutaku’s games have been well received by the community. But does that mean that Fap CEO is also good?

Fap CEO 2


Of course, we don’t put blind faith in the game maker. That’s why we also put Fap CEO to a serious test. So in this game you can expect hot babes and mini-games.

After all, this is how most of Nutaku’s games are structured.

Join Fap CEO and flirt for free with your hot co-workers!

What is the game about?

In principle, you are the boss of a company. You have your own employees. This means that you have to hire new pretty girls on a regular basis. They are responsible for communicating with the online accounts.

Fap CEO 3

So the women generate money for you. And as their boss, you have to invest this earned money, of course. But not in your company.

You buy gifts for your employees. This way you rise to higher levels, and gain the sympathy of the employees.


If this is successful, you can even sell the company. And with the profits from this sale you are able to buy a bigger company. This, of course, impresses even more hot girls. You can even invest in the stock market.

The game runs on time. So earning money is also built relatively realistically. In real time, the amounts grow. And only if you have a knack for the ladies, you will be really successful.

So get in touch with your potential employees. If you are interested in more hentai games, you can always check out our list of the best porn games.

Fap CEO 4

Experience with the gameplay of Fap CEO

Now let’s get to how the game starts. Right when you start playing Fap CEO, this is what happens. You talk to Amber. She is your secretary.

She will be at your side, doing everything you want her to do. She helps you create a livestream porn website. And she also helps you with another thing. She will help you to fuck as many employees as possible.

You need to hire Amber right away. Just click on the empty desk. You will notice that she has at least 34F tits. So she is a real dream secretary. Of course, you have to pay her an hourly wage. But this is only 20 coins per hour.


And that’s a fair price, considering how hot she is. Besides, she soon becomes quite inappropriate at work. Because she sends you intimate pictures of herself via email.

And that’s during her working hours! And that’s where you get a taste of what you’ll experience with Fap CEO.

Fap CEO 5

In the later course of the game you will notice that with you quite a lot of cash will make. Gallery you will soon get the hang of the gameplay.

And then it’s pretty easy to climb up the levels. As for the difficulty level, you definitely don’t have to worry. Also, check out our list of the best porn games if you like sexy and entertaining games!

How do you get the girls around?

The main focus of Fap CEO is, of course, to get as many girls into bed as possible. Each of your co-workers has an individual characteristic trait.

And that’s why it’s important that you concentrate during the conversations. You have to hit the right nerve to win the sympathy. The better you are in the conversations, the hornier it will be afterwards.

Fap CEO 6

For example, the second girl you hire is a bit nervous. You will notice that pretty quickly. She’s insecure because she gets teased at school.


And when you hire her, you’ll notice that this doesn’t have good consequences for your company. Because not every employee is good for the company.

So there’s actually a little bit of strategy behind the game. But mainly it’s about waiting. Because the money you can, as I said, only in real time with you.

The cool thing about playing Nutaku is this. The coins are universal. So if for some reason you don’t feel like playing Fap CEO anymore, you can invest your money in other games.

You can also buy coins with real money. You can do that with Paypal, for example. But credit cards and Paysafe cards also work. But the best thing about FAP CEO is that you don’t have to pay.

Fap CEO 7

The game is completely free. As in many porn games, you only have to pay for extra services. If you want to find more free porn games, you can read our article about them.

Experience with the other games at Fap CEO

Apart from Fap CEO, there are other games included in the network. Because when you play Fap CEO, you have access to other games.

As I said, FAP CEO is from the producer Nutaku. And before that you have to register with them. So you get access to all the games they have. And you don’t have to pay anything! Among others, you can play Cunt Wars, Rumblade and Booty Calls.

The most popular titles on the site. You can also read our experience with Cunt Wars. We have already tested this game in detail.


In our opinion, there is no better maker than Nutaku. The animation is flawless. The art style is interesting. The girls are hot. And on top of that, everything is completely free. And there are no fraudulent actions behind it either.

With porn games on the Internet, you often have to be careful here. However, Nutaku is a reputable provider that has given us only positive experiences so far, including Fap CEO. This company is definitely ahead of its competition.

Fap CEO 8

The best of the hentai world

If you’re a fan of hentai, you probably know that not all games are cut from the same cloth. Many animations are messy and pixelated.

But with FAP CEO, there really is modern art involved. The designers have really managed to emphasize the characteristics of each medium.

Here they really create individual characters that you will see in action.


That’s why you get even more excited when one of the girls sends you a new picture. You are really waiting for it. And this anticipation is something FAP CEO has done insanely well.

Hardly any other game manages to provide us in such a way. It doesn’t matter if the girls are fully dressed or not. The animation makes outfits with less skin look hot.

How long does the game take?

Finding is annoying when a game is over immediately. That’s why it was important for us to test whether FAP CEO is long-lasting or not. And our result was positive.

Because it really takes a long time to play through the game completely. You might even be busy here for days. And that’s a good thing, because it means the game really has something to offer.


Don’t expect to finish the game in one day.

Our experience with FapCEO in conclusion

Of course we have to decide now. Is it worth playing FapCEO? Is it worth signing up on Nutaku? The answer is definitely yes!

The graphics are good, the music is fun and the whole game is convincing. It is really rare to find porn games like this. And with FapCEO you can actually look forward to something. There are small prizes and goals that you can work towards.

If you ever get through FapCEO, Nutaku has many more games for you. So you will never get bored. Hardly any free application is as worthwhile as the one on Nutaku.

Our rating is positive in any case. We would recommend FapCEO at any time. Especially because it’s free. So, what are you waiting for?



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