Crazy Fake Taxi

Crazy Fake Taxi Race Cars, Perform Stunts, and Bang Passengers

Today I’m going to take you on a bumpy sex games ride including the enormously popular British adult video games series appropriately titled Crazy Fake Taxi.

The plot revolves around ambushing and racing other fast automobiles while undertaking extremely risky maneuvers.

crazy fake taxi

Top Features

  • Taxi parody game
  • Compatible on all mobile devices
  • Hours of gameplay
  • Lots of customization

And if that combination of activities excites you, you’ll appreciate the idea that you can also fuck passengers in the backseat of your cab if you play your cards well.

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Choose from three different cab drivers and passengers.

When you enter the site, you will be presented with three different taxi drivers. There’s a black guy named DeShawn, a shaggy-looking white guy named JT, and a gorgeous and sexy-looking girl named Scarlett, according to the site.

After you’ve decided on the one you want, it’s time to look at the passengers who have been made available. Koko struck me as very attractive, and she is currently a sugar baby with aspirations of one day becoming a trophy wife.

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Next up comes Amber, who is known throughout town as the local and extremely horny party girl. She enjoys orgies and beach sex.

Sakura was chosen for her tight-fitting latex attire and the fact that she is a bisexual slut who enjoys girl-on-girl activity and well-hung males for casual sex in sleazy motels.

Following that, you may personalize the perfect fuck doll of your fantasies by selecting the hair color, size of boobs and butt cheeks, and intensity of sex action you prefer.

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Drive an Old Checker Cab, a New York Taxi, or a London Cab.

When it comes to the type of automobile you choose to race, you have the choice of a NYC Taxi, a London Cab, or an Old Checker Cab, all of which can be upgraded with either nitro or sport suspension.

You are now ready to play, but first you must establish an account as usual. As the cabdriver, you get to bang sexy, kinky babes in the backseat of your cab, but game regulations require you to gain points and talents before you may flirt, engage in dialogues, and eventually fornicate.

The website will provide you a few pointers on how to effectively answer questions, which will help you get bonus points. You will not always have sex in the backseat; you may be invited to their home for intercourse and other activities.

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It appears that the best place to get the horniest and most ready passengers is in the watering hole zone, although there are other areas where you can discover additional people to play with. Strippers and hoes, who are regulars in the game, make up the majority of your clients.

Keep an eye out for Booty Call Gameplay.

Throughout the game, you will come into contact with wealthy clients ready to buy you gifts in order to entice you to have sex with them.

Also, be wary of booty calls because their better halves may unexpectedly come up and find you red-handed in the marital bed, putting you in a lot of trouble. While all of this is going on, you are still required to race other cars and perform barrel rolls, but no sex is permitted during these stunts.

They’ve designed a fascinating point of view angel that gives the impression of real-time action as it happens. I also found Crazy Fake Taxi’s navigation to be pretty simple. This fantastic sex game can be played straight in your browser, so no downloading is required, and it is also compatible with mobile devices.

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