3DXChat is a new multiplayer sex game with interesting features. It is a great thing for adult players who want to join real people around the world. 3DXChat offers access to a large adult community where you can meet online players and have fun with them.

It is different from other well-known 3D porn chat games, where you can design 3D models and fuck them later. Here we can interact with real people who play 3DXChat.

Their movements are copied from real porn stars, very natural looking models. It is a 3D sex chat game online.

The multiplayer sex game 3DXChat is one of the most popular 3D sex worlds with a vast community for straight, trans, and homosexual sex.

It wasn’t difficult to see why when I first entered it in 2017. 3DXChat is a great location to meet new people for racy sex talks and have lifelike 3D sex. Do you want to make your erotic desires come true? Want to live out your craziest fantasies in stunning and sexy settings?

In our 3DXChat review, we reveal some of our experiences playing the sex simulation game to help you decide whether or not to join. We provide an overview of 3DXChat, including its integrations with virtual reality and interactive sex gadgets, as well as its award-winning customizing and sex capabilities.

3d x chat hair

What is 3DXChat?

3DXChat is a PC-platform interactive experience created by SexGameDevil in which users can design a fully anatomically perfect avatar—basically their sexual dream self—and then enter and engage with an ultra-realistic 3D world.

Live DJ parties, strolling on a virtual beach, relaxing on a luxury yacht, constructing and designing a personal residence, and, most importantly, hooking up with other avatars to engage realistic sexual activities are all options for players. The game is exclusively available for Windows PC. If you download a tool like PlayOnMac to run Windows games, you can play 3DXChat on a Mac. However, 3DXChat’s staff does not provide support for this.

In the five years after I wrote the initial 3DXChat review for BestSexSimulator.games, a lot has changed.

This includes its compatibility with virtual reality headsets, interactive sex gadgets and strokers, and the robust World Editor. Another excellent advancement is the new 3DXChat 2.0 and its many great graphic enhancements and effects.

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What is 3DxChat 2.0?

The 3D sex game now has film-like effects and highly optimized next-generation physical-based graphic produced images, resulting in astonishing realism and beauty. The game’s colors have also been improved, with a new option to increase the intensity and vibrancy.

Its makers captivated many aficionados of the genre along the road with increasingly realistic updates and sexual play choices. It’s even made it onto our list of the Most Realistic Sex Games You Can Play. Our most recent 3DXChat review is quite positive about the game’s devotion to graphics and continual progress.

The 3DXChat improvements also gave its environs a more immersive feel, such as more realistic water effects and allowing users to modify the time of day for themselves without disrupting other players’ experiences—a huge boon for those who think foggy days are hot.

The game’s GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows you to go to any area and alter the visual settings on the fly—as well as remove a character’s clothing with a single mouse click.

3DXChat Review: Create your avatar

3d x chat avatar

But appearances aren’t the only thing 3DXChat has going for it.

The real fun begins when you register and build your avatar from an amazingly broad range of possibilities, including body type, hair color, and eye color. You can even choose your gender, with options such as male, female, or trans.

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This is a lot of fun, and you may pick from a variety of attractive clothes and accessories.

3DXChat, as the name implies, is a multiplayer sex game with a vast and expanding user base and community size. It’s almost a sure bet that you’ll meet another player in no time.

This allows both of you to engage in a variety of sensual actions in one of the game’s various locales. Your very own apartment/love nest is one of them.

Apple customers, on the other hand, will have to wait because that platform is not currently supported. If virtual reality is one of your interests, 3DXChat might be just what you’re looking for, as the game plays really well on the Oculus Rift.

Memberships are available for one month, six months, and a year and include one free avatar. You can make more avatars, but each one costs 10,000 XGold. XGold is the in-game currency that may be obtained by logging into 3DXChat on consecutive days or by purchasing it using credit cards, Bitcoin, or PaySafeCard.

If you wish to make more than one character, we recommend purchasing XGold to expedite the process. You can purchase several XGold packs, and the cost of XGold each unit decreases as you spend more. A 20,000 XGold pack costs $24.98.

3DXChat Review: Pick a location

3dxchat location

After you’ve built your attractive online persona, it’s time to choose a virtual area to hang out in. 3DXChat provides you with two private apartments that you can personalize with furniture and props. You can also name and make public your residences in order to attract or invite other players with similar sexual preferences inside them.

There are also seven general venues, including nightclubs, a beach, and a yacht, where you can party, soak in a hot tub, and have public intercourse. For some reason, it appears that locating a virtual sex partner or companions on the yacht is rather simple…

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User-generated settings are also a lot of fun and wonderful places to go if you have special sensual tastes. Some are only intended for women, men, or trans avatars. Others welcome participants with certain fetishes and fantasies. Changing locations is straightforward since you simply open a list and click on the virtual environment you want to inhabit.

Then you are transported there. Moving around within a virtual area, on the other hand, may take some practice. To be fair, navigation isn’t tough, although walking about the online sex game Red Light Center NSFW is a little easier and more natural.

3d x chat - porn game

World Editor

3DXChat world editor

In celebration of its fifth anniversary in 2017, the immensely popular 3D sex world gave gamers access to a powerful World Editor. Its new capabilities allow players to “build structures and worlds of any complexity and style” by combining scaled primitive shapes like cubes, spheres, and cylinders. Players with 3D design talents have built various new locales as a result of this much-anticipated upgrade.

The World Editor is most likely the best of the features listed in our 3DXChat review. It genuinely offers up an infinite amount of possibilities for designing your fantasy locations and realizing precise desires in specific circumstances.

3D sex game community users are constantly building new settings such as clubs, villas, islands, villages, and more using the World Editor. Many visitors will appreciate the faster frame rates in new areas created with the World Editor. In addition, the 3DXChat World Editor includes new tools, new uses for materials as building blocks, distinctive fire and smoke effects, and backward compatibility with previous user rooms.

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3dXchat vehicles

3DXChat – Getting into virtual sex

3DXChat lesbian sex

What’s nice about 3DXChat is that the popularity of the sex game means that even during slower hours, there are at least 100 other players online. Crowds increase on weekends, and English speakers from all time zones attend. When you see a player you like, click their name to browse their profile and see if their interests match yours. It is simple to find other players to communicate with. Many avatars will surround you in your chosen location. You’ll also notice conversations taking place in two chat rooms: the general 3DXChat chat room, where any players can communicate, and a location-specific chat room for others in your virtual space.

When you notice a hottie, you can send them a private message or even purchase them a virtual present with XGold. Filling out your profile as completely as possible increases your chances of gaining interest from other players and avoiding having to always make the first move. Some people express their dislikes in their profiles, so it’s a good idea to read them ahead of time to avoid offending or turning off a potential lover. If making small talk bores you, simply email someone a request to add them as a sexual partner.

However, not everyone in the game enjoys immediately getting into sex actions before starting a text chat. That’s fine if this is you. To decline the request, simply click. You can also block users so that you do not receive their communications and do not see each other online. Let’s get started with the sex stances and acts! (Isn’t that why you’re reading this 3DXChat review?) We won’t go into detail since we want to be as safe as possible at work.

But chances are, if you’ve seen something in mainstream adult videos more than a few times, you’ll recognize these raunchy acts and positions in 3DXChat. The stunning and photo-realistic animated graphics bring these virtual sex practices to life. They’re made from motion-capture animations of real adult actors having sex. The 3D sex game includes a variety of realistic stances for solo play, couples, trios, oral sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex. If that’s your thing, some are quite vulgar! We’d like to provide more photographs of more different sexual options, but most of the ones we have access to are rather explicit.

Furthermore, whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, trans, or anywhere on the sexual orientation/identity spectrum, there are a variety of sexual play alternatives available to you. If you have a foot fetish, there is a sex stance that will help you fulfill your urge. There is also one where you can tie an avatar over a stool for those who enjoy bondage or BDSM. However, we wish there were more fetish and BDSM postures available, as the internet is an excellent place to explore with different sorts of sex. It is simple to switch between sex activities or to speed them up and slow them down.

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Sex Toys and Virtual Reality

lovense sex game integration

The listing of the interactive elements of the sex game may be the best section of our 3DXChat review!

To begin with, the sex game accepts interactive sex gadgets such as Lovense’s interactive sex toys and the Vstroker Fleshlight. This implies that if you have one of these gadgets, you may add a level of physical delight to your gameplay in addition to the high-end images.

The VStroker was the only device officially supported on the 3DXChat website prior to the sex toy maker providing support for “the entire Lovense toy portfolio” this year. The Vstroker is a Bluetooth-enabled accessory that turns the popular penis sex toy the Fleshlight into an interactive device.

People of various genders and sexual inclinations now have additional possibilities for 3D sexual gameplay thanks to Lovense’s extensive selection of Bluetooth sex toys.

Lovense toys can be used for long-distance sex, reacting to each other’s movement, simulating sex from a distance,” said Dan Liu, CEO of Lovense. “Our latest development is the integration of toys with the online 3D game 3DXChat.”

“We have completed a fantastic project that can undoubtedly be considered a significant milestone in the evolution of sex technology.” “It’s an incredible, indescribable feeling to combine the experience of virtual life and VR technology with smart sex toys,” stated Lovense CEO Dan Liu in a press statement.

3dxchat lovense partnership

“The digitalization of our world has significantly accelerated recently, and the merging of virtual experience with sensory experience will allow millions of people to feel real pleasure and sensations from the safety of their homes with those they love or have just met in the digital universe,” said a spokesperson for 3DXChat.

What makes 3DXChat even more unique is that it supports Oculus Rift, allowing you to experience the online sex game in virtual reality.

3DXChat Review: Community Size

Membership in 3DXChat also grants access to Sex Game Devil’s previous titles, including Juliet Sex Session, Venus Hostage, Nemo’s Whores, Night Party, and Anal Masters. While support for these games is no longer available, their sexy narratives and spicy prizes will undoubtedly keep many internet gamers delighted for some time. 3DXChat’s content is also updated on a semi-regular basis, and the 3DXChat forum has over 6,800 registered members and 100,000 posts. If you’re looking for a sense of community and online interactions, this is the place to be. Alternatively, you can make your online sex life as secret and anonymous as you like.

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It’s an adult virtual world where you can explore your secret sexual fantasies and be and do whatever you want.

What are your thoughts on our 3DXChat review? In the comments box below, please share your thoughts on the multiplayer 3D sex game.

3D X Chat 3D Sex Game

Play 3D X Chat porn chat with real adults

First of all you need to create your avatar that will represent you online. You can be whoever you want, a girl or a guy.

Customize unique 3D model, change the shape of the look and body. 3D porn chat game allows to change face, hairstyle, colors, sizes and other aspects of the virtual model.

Be tall blonde with long legs, short brunette with round ass or skinny redhead with big tits. Same with the guys – handsome playboy, black muscular guy or just a normal man. Open the closet and choose from huge variety of clothes and uniforms.

When your avatar is ready it’s time to design virtual apartment where you will meet friends. It is an interesting feature, the furniture design is yours.

Choose objects that fit you more, change colors, sizes, etc.. The better apartment you have, the more virtual people want to visit you. Select the perfect sofa, chairs, tables and other furniture.

It must be big, because it is the place where you chat, flirt, have a party and fuck online players. Your wild and kinky 3D sexual desires come true in that apartment.

3D X Chat trailer play and see how the game looks like. Download porn games and play with real girls online

Virtual sex in 3D X Chat 3D porn chat game is natural and very hot. At the beginning you can go to some discos or bars. Meet nasty 3D girls, talk about guys, date with virtual people. Have fun, go to the beach, feel the atmosphere of casual sex.

Experience adventures, crazy sex with other adult players. Remember, you are here to fulfill your erotic desires and have sex. The limits are defined by imagination.

Download 3D X Chat and have fun.


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