WestSluts Review 2022/2023

Most porn games can be divided into categories and certain scenarios. So does WestSluts, which is practically set in the Wild West during cowboy times.

Westsluts – Is the Western Porn Game really that hot?

Anyone who has ever dealt with the TV series Westworld or the game Red Dead Redemption knows that this scenario can be quite exciting. And that’s exactly what you can experience in Westsluts, only significantly more awesome and with amazing graphics.

In this article, we’ll talk about our experience with Westsluts and how we would rate it after our test. This way you’ll save yourself some time and know right away if it would be something for you.

WestSluts XXX Game Review

The biggest advantage of Westsluts

There is one thing that the game has to offer where others can’t really compete. You’re not just signing up for the one game when you register, but for a website called My Gamer Vault, where you have a selection of thousands of different games, videos and animations to pass your time with.

So if you want to play WestSluts, on top of that you have a selection of other awesome stuff that you can’t really get anywhere else. That’s why the website is an absolute hit for us, no matter if you are into western games or not.

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This means that when you are done with WestSluts, you can also experience other categories and porn games that you can’t get anywhere else. This alone is a reason for us to recommend the game to you.

WestSluts XXX 3D Game

How good is the experience and the selection?

We took a closer look at the website and really tested what is hidden behind all the games. And our conclusion is generally that everything is represented here, and in the best quality. In the members area you have an irresistible offer of movies, porn, porn games and other animations. Probably the biggest argument for the site is that you can customize your sex partner.

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So you can take all your preferences at hand, and turn them into an irresistible super woman. This includes breast size, ass and also smaller details as well as hair color and eye color. From all these features, you can put together the woman who will make your cock stand up at any time.

WestSluts Porn Review

And the best thing is that you can then look at her in all possible scenes. You can choose what to do with her and what not. In our experience, WestSluts is a western adventure that we have done an extensive test with. We’ll tell you what you can expect in the game, and check out our list of the best porn games!

How to start the Westsluts adventure

When you get to the site, the first thing you have to do is choose what kind of adventure you want to experience. There are three different categories you can choose from. There is SFW, Erotic and Hard. of course these are different straight, which ultimately determine how hardcore your game scenes will be. Next it goes to your dream girl.

WestSluts Porn Game Review

As already mentioned, you can personalize this exactly to your taste. But you can also choose the character, which is also crucial for the course of the game. The women behave differently in certain situations, and that’s what makes the game so sharp and realistic. So choose whether you prefer them submissive or prickly.

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In almost all porn games you can do this nowadays, and in our opinion it is quite important. That your dream girl fulfills all your fetishes is the whole point of virtual reality porn. That’s why we’ve also compiled a list of other games that we like quite a bit.

Westsluts – Experience in the game itself

Now we come to what actually happens when you start playing the game. Your main character is a cowboy who is traveling through the Wild West. However, here you have not only hot companions, but also enemies and allies. You’ll interact with hot women who can also punish you for bad behavior.

Thus, the gameplay in WestSluts will never be boring or dull, and is guaranteed to please you. The good thing about the game is that it also has a storyline. So, it’s not just about tits and ass, but also a story that makes it all the more awesome. The storyline ensures that every scene is exciting and hot, and also ties in with the rest of the game.

WestSluts Game Review

So not only do you get an authentic adventure in WestSluts, but also extremely horny scenes that are masterfully animated. the game has a rendering that makes sure you can’t tell the game from reality. The girls look incredibly lifelike, and are up for the dirtiest of games. In our experience, the western sluts are incredibly sexy, and could really have lived in cowboy times.

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Red Dead Redemption 2, only a thousand times more awesome

The whole atmosphere is just right in this game. The authentic Western woman in combination with horny women just puts you in a completely different world, from which you do not want to leave so quickly. We also just couldn’t separate ourselves from the horny western experiences, even when the game was over. If you are looking for a porn game, you should definitely try Westsluts. If not, we can guarantee that you are missing out.

WestSluts Porn Game

Especially for fans of Red Dead Redemption, Westsluts is definitely worth checking out. Anyone who likes western adventures and stories will not only be convinced by this game, but downright enchanted. It’s not only the storyline that captivates us, but also the fact that we decide which hot women we meet on our journey. Then it’s almost as if we have turned our own fetish fantasies into a real game. If you like story porn games, we can also recommend you our experience with Narcos XXX!

WestSluts 3D Porn Game

Our best experiences and advantages with the game

Porn games have to deliver a lot these days if you want to keep up with the best players on the market. And in our opinion, WestSluts has managed to be at the top. We will now show you the biggest advantages of the game, and why it is at least one of the top 3 for us.

  • Amazing animation.  In this game you can see how far technology has come. The girls look insanely realistic, and for a moment you’ll completely forget that you’re playing a game. If you stay with it long enough, you’ll feel like you’re really in the Wild West.
  • Top Rendering. Of course, the most important thing is how smooth and realistic the movements really are. We really have to say that virtual rendering in West Sluts leaves nothing to be desired.  Apart from the super storyline and the awesome experiences, the look and feel of this porn game is really unique.
  • Unique Experience. If you like hot clips and porn that’s one thing. However, West Sluts is in our opinion in a completely different league than other stuff you can find in the erotic scene online. Nowhere else can you experience a surrealistic adventure and at the same time decide who you want to be in it.

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When you are through with Westsluts

And the best thing is, once you’ve played through Westsluts, you can move on to the other games. Westsluts is over, but you can still experience other games and put them to your personal test. You have a choice of so many games that you won’t get bored so quickly. It would probably take you a whole year to get through all of them.

WestSluts - Main Porn Game

So when you register on the site you get more than just the horny western women, but have a choice of pretty much every niche you can imagine. No matter what your fetish is, you are guaranteed to live it out with your virtual dream girl. So don’t hesitate any longer and really experience what today’s virtual reality games can do.

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