VR Fuckdolls Review 2022/2023

If you’ve ever played an online sex game, you’ll know why it’s so awesome. Something about the animated and rendered girls is just irresistible, especially because they know no taboos.

The same goes for VR Fuckdolls, a site we want to talk about in this article to share our experience with you.

VR Fuckdolls - Review

We have tested VR Fuckdolls so you don’t have to!

We put VR Fuckdolls to the test so that you don’t waste time with bad games and have the best experience.

Where to find the digital miracle

Surely the first thing you are wondering is how you can even sign up there, And why you should do this in the first place.

Most people are under the impression that they only get the VR Fuckdolls game when they sign up on the website.

However, this is not the case because there are numerous other players included here at the same time. They are all quite realistic and definitely worth your time.


In principle, you first register with the ‘My Gamer Vault‘ network, providing your details. This manages the game, and many more at that.

So you don’t only get VR Fuckdolls, but you can also enjoy other categories.

VR Fuckdolls 3D porn game review

In our opinion, this is an insane offer, especially for fans of the scene.

Of course, before you make any decisions, you can finish reading our article, where we will explain in detail what awaits you on the site, and why it is definitely worth signing up.


What experiences and categories you will find at VR Fuckdolls

So, when you sign up at VR Fuckdolls you’ll need access to other categories that all come with their benefits. Among them are hentai, strategy, action, word and virtual reality.

Surely you’re most interested in the latter, since it’s also where our game discussed here happened. As for virtual reality, there are 44 games included here, all of which you can access for free.

VR Fuckdolls Porn Game Review

You can play them all through your browser, so you don’t have to download. If you want to navigate the site in more detail you can see at the top which games are the most popular, and which have the best rating.

To most users on the site, bondage and BDSM categories seem to be best driven. So if you go to My Gamer Vault you should definitely check out this section.

What is the concept of VR Fuckdolls?

As the name already tells you, it’s all about making your experience as realistic as possible. This means your virtual reality sex partner will look really deceptively realistic, which makes the whole game really breathtakingly good.

VR Fuckdolls Porn Game

Even the texture of the skin and the lighting conditions look deceptively real. In our opinion, this game comes amazingly close to the future in virtual reality as we imagine it.

What’s more, the site gives you the opportunity to act out fetishes and other preferences without anyone knowing about it.

You can specifically choose what kind of sex it should be, how dirty or how well-behaved. You alone decide what his virtual reality girlfriend should perform.


VR Fuckdolls – our experience and test

Once you decide on the game on the website and choose a category, you can also start playing right away.

Then you simply click on the game, which may take a minute to load. When the graphics are this good, some patience may be needed at first.

However, this is guaranteed to pay off later. In any case, you don’t have to worry about the difficulty level. Also, check out our list of the best porn games!

You only need one hand to play the game, so you don’t have to use the keyboard. If you need your handbag for some other thing, this game is definitely for you.

The mouse is enough to operate everything.

VR Fuckdolls Porn XXX Game

Of course, a good game always includes a story. This one is kept quite simple, but can still provide quite a bit of excitement. It’s about an innocent schoolgirl who visits her master, or course depending on which category you have chosen. Some backstory is always there, even if it may not be in the foreground. Important finally what horny games are the consequences of the story.


VR Fuckdolls – just a boring online porn game?

Most men are worried that VR Fuckdolls is just another one of those boring online games where a little bit of tits and ass is all there is to it.

But not with VR Fuckdolls. here you can treat the woman as if she were in the same room with you. If you’re into BDSM, that’s exactly what you get in the game. You can rebuke the little one and show her what’s up.

You decide what is done and what is not. For us, this game is clearly different from others. Virtual reality is really taken seriously here, and not just used as an empty phrase.


The experience in this game is so deceptively real that you will probably want to see the same woman again, even though she is not real.

That’s how much this game captivates you. Your own sex slave will also gradually learn who she really belongs to, and literally beg to be fucked by you.

VR Fuckdolls - Real Sex Game Review

What else VR Fuckdolls has to offer

But it’s not just the game alone that makes it worth buying. There aren’t any other 3D titles on the site that you’re sure to enjoy.

The rendered games have great graphics, but the videos are also convincing. There are all sorts of fetishes here as well. Whether fairies, elves, schoolgirls or other things.

The selection is definitely going on, and worth a visit. Included is for example the ‘Call of Booty‘ series, ‘Game of whores‘, ‘Help me Doctor‘ or ‘Zombie Heat‘.

So you even have the possibility to play a first person shooter in connection with sex.


Basically, it can be said that you will never be empty-handed on the website. There are enough content and numerous games to pass the time with.

And would it actually surprise if you manage to play through everything. The combination of high-quality games and the large selection is a real sign for us that VR Fuckdolls definitely lives up to the hype.


The graphics on VR Fuckdolls

When it comes to online sex games, exactly one thing is especially important. The graphics. That’s why we take a moment to really evaluate VR Fuckdolls by its graphics and describe our experience with it.

Below we’ll show you the advantages of the site that we noticed not only at first glance, but also after long-term use.

  • Amazing animation. The website somehow manages to animate the sex scenes amazingly lifelike and fluidly. Absolutely nothing negative stands out here, and you really feel like you are in the same reality.
  • Impressive Rendering. The virtual rendering of VR Fuckdolls is, in our opinion, more revolutionary. No online sex game has managed to look this good so far. The small details on the body and curves of the characters show us that the company really knows how to convince the customers. If you like lifelike porn games you can also read our experience with West Sluts.
  • Unique experience. The HD uploads are amazing not only in the games, but also in terms of videos and other options. Practically every content on their website is great, and can easily keep up with other competitors.

Enjoy the bonus porn and extras

The most important point for us is that VR Fuckdolls gives you other things to choose from. In addition to all the games, there are also real porn videos that you can watch.

To do so, simply click on the videos section on My Gamer Vault. Here you can then choose between over 10,000 videos, which also represent pretty much every niche.

No matter what you like, VR Fuckdolls has it.

In addition, the quality here is not saved, even if the selection is so large. So quality and quantity are both represented enough, and really nothing would be forfeited.

This is so important, because other competitors often pay attention to the fact that the selection is large, as that the individual videos are good.


Fun with real pornstars

From My Gamer Vault you also have the opportunity to look around for your favorite porn girls. The site has the likes of Riley Reid, Dakota Skye, Adriana chechik, and Romi Rain showing off their hot curves there.

So, the site is not limited to animated and personalized characters, but also has some famous personalities to offer. For that, just go to the pornstars page of My Gamer Vault and have a look around.


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