The Last Day of My Virgin Life

The Last Day of My Virgin Life – fuck the girls and teachers in your class!

The last day is the first hentai game entirely made by Ero Games. It is a visual novel available on all platforms in several languages. Whether you are on iOs, android, tablet, computer you can play it without problems! We can say that for their first visual novel, Ero Games has put the package and we offer you right now the test of the game.

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A desire to be deprecated?

You play a young student named Theo. The archetypal virgin who secretly fantasises about one of the most beautiful girls in school. Your life is mixed between classes and the desire to fuck. In fact, this morning you wake up with a hard-on after a dream worthy of the name with your crush: Vanessa.


The pretty brunette in uniform, you suck so intensely that you almost cum in your bed. But the cold shower when you wake up: it was only a dream. You get up a bit depressed and head for school. But today is a special day as you are going on a school trip, so maybe the day will be better?

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Stunning Graphics!

Before arriving at your destination, you pick up your best friend Carl as you do every morning. But strange noises are coming from his house. Moaning noises. You can’t help but look and suddenly turn pale. Your best friend is savagely banging Vanessa!


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And what’s worse, this rascal seems to be really enjoying it. Your heart breaks and you decide to pretend you didn’t see it, heading for your school bus.

There you meet your friends, the teachers, but also Carl and Vanessa who arrive hand in hand. Despite your annoyance, you continue to pretend that everything is fine and your day finally begins.

When you find yourself alone in a small alley, you come across an old lady who is being assaulted. It’s up to you to either help her or ignore her. But either way you’d better think about your next move…


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Watch out for the sexy time rift!

You quickly find yourself reliving the same day over and over again! So you get an idea: why not try to lose your virginity? After all, your failures will be forgotten! Not to mention that the girls will tell you all their secrets and preferences.

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This will allow you to know from one day to the next what you should and should not do in order to seduce them quickly. But be careful, girls all have their own character! You’ll have to be a little tactical to get the best out of them. Including your teacher, the hotel manager or even the witch behind it all!


In The Last Day as a Virgin, you have to outdo yourself to seduce all the girls in the game and unlock the 7 alternative endings. To help you, each time you make an important choice, an indicator will immediately tell you whether it is positive or negative for the girl in question.

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If you manage to seduce them, you’ll be entitled to some great uncensored hentai scenes! But as you start the same day again the next day, maybe by making different choices you’ll get new sex scenes? We leave you the pleasure of discovery!

I want to fuck them all!

Hmm, now that you’ve already imagined yourself taking them one by one you don’t want to wait any longer?

Just buy the game here, which is on sale for less than 10 euros! Which is still a very decent price for a visual novel of this kind, I must say.


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