The Best Free Sex Games Online

You like porn? But you’re still getting bored? We can understand that, and that’s why today we present you the best online sex game selection.

These options are online sex games that are, of course, completely free. Here we have selected some favorites that clearly stand out from the competition.

Because not every porn game is really good. A large part is even quite bad. This is usually not only because of the graphics, but also because of the software and the story concept.

That’s why we went in search of the best and most realistic games.

The selection is pretty big by now. That’s why it would probably take you decades to try every game. In this article we will introduce you to the market leaders.

This will save you a lot of time, and you can try out the best six games right away. The games on this list are not to be missed. They certainly made our day.


We’ll also tell you what to expect from these games. We’ll tell you how they work and if it’s worth it.

VR Fuckdolls: the realistic and free sex games online.

When it comes to realistic porn games, this one is definitely our winner. Mainly because the graphics are simply unbeatable. However, there is one main advantage.

Here you can create your dream partner. No matter what type of woman you like. At via Faktors you can create this lady. At the beginning you get a standard girl.


Then you can change certain characteristics. For example, you can choose which cup size she should have. But also the hair color and skin color you can change at will. You can even decide how big her ass should be.

The cool thing about the online sex game is that it is not the only one you get. When you sign up here, there are other games included. In principle, you register on MyGamerVault.

The website offers you many other games. Among other hentai games, and other realistic games. These six games are all included for free.

Thus, you have hundreds of different games at your disposal, all of which you can use. On our list you will find other games from this website.

So if via Faktors isn’t enough for you, you’re well taken care of here. Although we think that this game is a flawless sex simulator.

Also, you can read our experience with VR Fuckdolls. In this article you will really learn what is behind the game.


But what is really behind the sex game VR Fuckdolls?

So? Why do we recommend this game to you? The fact is that this game has incredibly realistic graphics. There is hardly any porn game these days that can compete with this.

The girls are so realistic that you can easily lose yourself in the game.

This 3D game manages to transport you into a new world. So, if you don’t feel like being a spectator anymore, you can really control the porn here.

Besides, it is an advantage that there is no story or missions here. Of course, there is a certain setting. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do complicated tasks or other things. The focus here is really on the sex.

You don’t have to play forever to achieve your goal. You don’t have to win the woman over to see her naked. So if you just want to fuck your dream girl, this free sex game is definitely a good option.

You can also try the game directly. Of course, you can get a little more information beforehand. We have written a whole article about this game.


Westsluts – one of the best 3D sex games

Just now we had a realistic sex simulator. There is no story included here. But if you like background stories, you might like WestSluts. Here you will get real adventures.

As the name suggests, you are in the Wild West.

In each saloon you can meet a different woman. But here it’s not only about women and sex, but also about weapons. Shootings are part of everyday life.

Also here you can decide the kind of sex. Whether you like it hard or affectionate. Of course, your gameplay changes accordingly.


The main character in the game is a cowboy. You control him, and with him you not only have to go through adventures, but also defeat enemies.

You will not only conquer the Wild West, but also the women.

If you want to know more about the free game, we will tell you about our experience with WestSluts. In this article you will get details and whether the game is worth it for you.

Large gaming selection

As with the previous game, you register here on a larger website. You get access to hundreds of different online sex games. Whether hentai or sex simulators. Your choice is practically endless.

So when you’re done with one of the free six games, you can move on to the next. WestSluts is practically Red Dead Redemption, only with a lot more sex.

In our opinion, there’s no better combination. And if you get bored with it, you can just pick a new game. And it’s free.

If you want to try the hot western game, you can do it right now. Enjoy the graphics and action of WestSluts.

We have also written an article about this game. Here you will learn exactly what to expect when you sign up for WestSluts.


The best sex games online: Cunt Wars

First of all, Cuntwars is not a realistic porn game. Similar to Hentai Heroes, it’s mainly about fun. So there are no hyper-realistic animations and porn videos involved.

Nevertheless, this game has quite a few fans all over the world.

You can register for free. By registering for this game, you will also get other Gamestar games. Among others, the extremely popular Booty Calls.

Games of this type are mainly about fun and hot girls. You exchange horny SMS or pictures with them. Cuntwars is mainly card game oriented.


In each of these minigames you can earn coins, which you can then invest in girls. You also have the possibility to get a VIP membership.

With this you can win the cool battles faster. If you want to know more about Cunt Wars, we have a whole article for you. Just read our experience with Cunt Wars. What awaits you at Cunt Wars!

This free game can be really addictive. Not only is it a lot of fun, but it is also much more entertaining than regular porn.

So if you want to have fun besides horny scenes, this online sex game is perfect. And the best thing is that you can try it out right away.

Just click on the button and register for Cunt Wars. In addition, you will get several other games on the website. And all this is completely free.


What awaits you at Sex Emulator

When you click on the link and are directed to the page, you can start right away. You won’t be prompted to sign up. Instead, you get to choose directly. You can choose between the sex and your sex partner of your choice.

Then it goes to a second field. At this point you can create your dream partner yourself. There are numerous options to choose from.

So you can narrow down what exactly your type is. For example, you can select her ethnicity and skin color. Next, you can select the hair color.

And then, of course, comes the most important step: the cup size. Once you’ve decided all that, you still have more options. Then it’s about what your dream girl should do.

Here, too, there are choices. You decide between anal, foot fetish, toys and others. You want to know what to expect from Sex Emulator? Read our Sex Emulator review.

What is interesting about Sex Emulator is that there are even more games to choose from. Because the provider has many other simulators and games that you can enjoy.

If you register here, you will kill two birds with one stone. If you also want to try Sex Emulator, click the button below this section.


Star Whores – By far the best Star Wars sex game

Star Whores is a game inspired by the latest Star Wars movies. Of course, the rise of skywalker was changed to the Rise of SkyFucker. This creative name game also has a lot to do with the content of the game.

Because you’ll find some characters here that also appear in the original movie. In fact, the game is not limited to these movie characters.

Because that would be quite a pity. In the other movie series there are characters that fit quite well into such a game.

And that’s exactly what this game has done. So you can look forward not only to the latest characters, but also see older classics in action.

What is Star Whores the Rise of Skyfucker about?

Maybe you’ve played a game based on the Star Wars movies before. But if it wasn’t a porn game, it will have been very different.

Because most Star Wars games are oriented around battle scenes and complicated missions.

Of course, this is not the case with Star Whores. In fact, epic and lengthy stories are more in the background here. Instead, you’ll naturally focus on one main thing. Sex.

Want to learn more about Star Whores? Read our experience with Star Whores.

Your mission is mainly to fuck women. And that in the most diverse situations and environments. Some of them will surely be familiar to you from the movie.

After all, that’s what it’s all about. The fans should experience their favorite characters in the world of Star Wars up close. Click the button below this section to see for yourself!


Fucknite: Fortnight sex games

If you read this article, you will know what Fortnite is. In 2019, the game was the most popular online multiplayer.

The Battle Royale mode has replaced the competitor PUBG. And it did so with quite a few interesting characters and environments.

Millions of players were here day in and day out. And accordingly, there is also quite a lot of interest in pornographic content related to this game.

So there is more than just a parody game for Fortnite. But not you play that is really good. For this, of course, we have tested the money in detail.

After all, there are so many porn games on the Internet to waste time with the bad ones. If you want to know more about the game, read our Fucknite review.

Of course, we had certain expectations for Fucknite. And in fact, they were fulfilled. In this respect, we can’t complain.

And that’s why we would always advise our readers to just try Fucknite for themselves. After all, what do you have to lose? After all, it’s completely free to try Fucknite.


Why Apexxx Legends is so popular?

Apexxx Legends is one of the best parody games for Apex Legends. Hardly any other parody game manages to offer teeth on this level.

If you like realistic porn games, you should also check out Star Whores. Just like this game, there is a lot to offer here.

And understandably, if you like realistic porn games, of course. In this regard, Apexxx Legends is definitely the right choice.

Besides, you’ll get all the characters that are also included in Apex Legends. And what’s more, you’ll see them not only naked, but also having sex with all sorts of characters.

But beware, this game is not for the faint of heart.

There are also some hardcore scenes included. This is perfect for BDSM fans. But even if you like it light, there is something for you.

You want to know what to expect from Sex Emulator? Read our Apexxx Legends review.

If you also want to try the game, you can do so easily. Just click on the link below this section and start playing right away.

The button will redirect you to the official Apexxx Legends site. Of course, this is completely free.


Bangerlands 3 – Top Free Sex Games

As the name suggests, Bangerlands is a parody of the popular game Borderlands 3, except that it is a pornographic version.

What is especially noteworthy about this porn game is that it is not only available on the PC.

Instead, you can download it on a variety of devices. Among them are your cell phone, tablet, laptops and the usual computer.

So you can also play the game as a mobile version to go. In this game you will find real hardcore action. And the game is also guaranteed not for the faint of heart.

What we find especially cool about the online sex game is that there are different ways to win. So you can really get ahead. And that’s what makes it so entertaining.

We even feel like this game is actually addictive. And we noticed that pretty quickly. If you want to learn more about the game, check out our Bangerlands 3 review.


After all the praise, we’ll of course tell you how you can use Bangerlands yourself. Anything else would just be unfair, of course.

If you want to play the game yourself, just click on one of our links.

At the end of the article you will find a button that will take you directly to the website. Don’t worry, it won’t cost you anything. You can just try the game if you want.


Hentai Heroes – One of the best online sex games

Hentai is a pretty popular porn category. And rightly so. And that’s why we have also integrated a game on this list. Hentai is so attractive because sex is not taboo.

This is the free game offers everything you can imagine in the hentai category. In this game you can combine card game with six.

This means that the fun factor also plays a big role here. And this has definitely been achieved. Because Hentai Heroes is definitely addictive.

Here you even have the possibility to earn money and change your character’s equipment. What’s more, you can gain new abilities. These will then help you in your virtual sex life.

As the name suggests, in this game you can create a harem. But how do you persuade women to join your harem? By giving them gifts.

And you can win them in the mini-games. When the girls are at your feet, you can do whatever you want with them. This game is a combination of fun and sex.

You can also read our experience with Hentai Heroes. Here you will get details about the game and whether it is something for you.

If you are into funky games, Hentai Heroes is definitely for you. Besides, you can try the game directly by clicking on the button. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun.

But beware, if you don’t like weird online sex games, you might want to choose another one. Here it can happen that the women from your harem are attacked by monsters or something similar.

This yellow game is not for the faint of heart.


Free sex online games without story? Not with Narcos XXX

If you’ve been into story porn games before, you’ll already know this title. Narcos XXX is based on the netflix series. If you’ve ever seen an episode, you know that it’s practically about drugs, sex and money.

And that’s exactly how it looks in the game. The story is definitely the focus here. The game even features characters from the series.

And it is precisely because the story is compelling that this game made it onto our list. Not every sex game online can really offer that.

Among the free 6 games, Narcos XXX is definitely a winner. Still, you shouldn’t play it if you don’t like hard sex. BDSM is commonplace here. Still, you shouldn’t play it if you have weak nerves.

Besides, we have written a whole article about this game. Here you can really find out what it’s all about. And of course what you can expect when you sign up here.

If this game is really for you, be sure to read our experience with Narcos XXX.

Another argument for this game is the graphics. For a free game you get really realistic software. So you really have the feeling of being part of this drug world.

In terms of gameplay, the game is reminiscent of Resident Evil.

Narcos XXX is practically a combination of a shooter and a sex simulator. Of course, you get much more excitement here than in other porn games.


While playing, we noticed that the story is really captivating. We are sure that you will notice that you will be immersed in the game for hours.

The series in game form

So if you like crime series with drug lords, this one should be a real adventure for you. You can take the role of Pablo Escobar and lead your gang. Besides, you will get the horniest women, and as realistically as possible.

If you want to try this game, you just have to click on the box. You are practically just a few clicks away from trying this game. Have fun!


Real Adult Sex Game: Good 3D sex games

This game should definitely not be missing from our list of free online sex games. That’s because this is one of the pioneers.

The realistic graphics are convincing all over the world. In addition, the rendering looks so real that the game is almost indistinguishable from real porn. Again, you can choose how you want the game to go.

There are different settings. If you have always wanted to fuck a schoolgirl against the locker, your fantasy will be in this game.

As with most sex simulators in you have the option to create your sex partner. Choose how big her breasts should be, what hair color she should have or if she has tattoos.

All this you can decide. Even the tits can be changed.


Of course, there are many more details behind this game. If you want to know what to expect in Real Adult Sex game online, you can simply read our article about it.

Here we will tell you about our experience with Real Adult Sex Game. After that, you are guaranteed to be smarter.

Like some of the other games on this list, the Game of MyGamerVault is available. By now you probably know what that means.

When you sign up here, you get more than just this game. You’ll have hundreds of different games to choose from. Among them is the popular VR Fuckdolls.

Pure realism

Of course, we understand that the selection of realistic sex games is quite large by now. But we’ll try to narrow it down a bit for you. You can’t go wrong with this game. You decide how hard you want it.

We especially like the different scenes and locations in this game. Not every game has good backdrops for your personalized porn scenes.

If you want to try the game, you can do it right here. Just click on the button below this section and start playing right away.


Adult XXX Games: Free sex games for adults

Again, this game is a realistic option. Nothing can replace porn better than 3D porn games. Adult XXX Games is definitely a pioneer here.

Sex Simulator allows you to completely decide what happens in your personalized porn.

Porn videos quickly become boring if you absolutely can’t contribute to them. This game not only allows you to design your sex partner.

You can also change the position during sex and decide what you want to do. And that’s why this game is definitely on our list.

As with VR Factors, you’ll be given a standard girl at the beginning. You can then go on adventures with her and customize her as you like.

You can also find out what the game is really like in one of our articles. Read our experience with Adult XXX Games now.

What makes Adult XXX Games so good?

What we like most about this game is how much you can change. Many porn games only let you decide how hard you want it to be at the beginning.

Here, however, you can also set different positions and degrees of hardness during the act.


You have several positions at your disposal. And that’s what makes this game feel like real sex. With the difference that you have your dream woman in your arms.

Moreover, there are no tasks or story aspects here. So you can start right away.

Besides, there is one main thing that makes this game different from others. It is much harder. Many porn games allow a little bit of BDSM, but not very much.

There are no limits for you here. Fetishes can also be acted out pretty well here. If you want to try out the game, you can do so directly. Just click on the link and start playing Adult XXX Games.


Stud Game: Gay Sex Games Online

If we could choose one gay sex game, this would be it. We’re talking about the best game on the market. This is not least because it is free. Of course, you have to create an account first. But there are no payment methods required for that.

But what makes this game so attractive? First of all, of course, the fact that you can create your partner. So you can create the man of your dreams, according to your taste.

Whether muscular or thin. Whether longer hair or bald. And most importantly, of course, the penis size. So in this game you can fulfill your fantasies.

Next, you can even choose where the sex should take place. You can also choose how hard you want it to be. Top kissing and love is included or not.

Of course you also have the option for BDSM. Toys are also available for selection.

Here you can start immediately free of charge with the horny porn game and meet hot men.


What is Fap CEO? Try this sex game online

Fap CEO is a hentai porn game. It was created by the provider Nutaku. This company has already released several other games, such as Booty Calls. Most of Nutaku’s games have been well received by the community.

But does that mean that Fap CEO is also good? Of course, we don’t put blind faith in the game maker. That’s why we also put Fap CEO to a serious test.

So in this game you can expect hot babes and mini-games. After all, this is how most of Nutaku’s games are structured.

In principle, you are the boss of a company. You have your own employees. This means that you have to hire new pretty girls on a regular basis.

They are responsible for communicating with the online accounts. So the women generate money for you. And as their boss, you have to invest this earned money, of course.

But not in your company. You buy gifts for your employees. This way you rise to higher levels, and gain the sympathy of the employees.


If this is successful, you can even sell the company. And with the profits from this sale you are able to buy a bigger company. This, of course, impresses even more hot girls. You can even invest in the stock market.

The game runs on time. So earning money is also built relatively realistically. In real time, the amounts grow.

And only if you have a knack for the ladies, you will be really successful. So get in touch with your potential female employees.

Conclusion about the online sex games selection

The fact is that you don’t have to buy expensive memberships to have fun. Many sex simulators in are not only free, but also high quality. The games in this list are guaranteed to please you.

And every online sex game of them you can just try. The selection is huge. Whether you want a normal simulator or a fun game, it doesn’t matter.


You can just try them out and decide which one you like the most. We wish you a lot of fun!

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