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Sex Emulator’s member’s area homepage

Thus, upon logging in for the first time, you’ll gain access to all of the content available within Sex Emulator – and let me warn you up front, this is a fairly large place!
To begin, you’ll notice a collection of live sex cams at the top of the web page, as well as a collection of the most recently added games to the member’s area.
sex emulator screenshot 3
It turns out that Sex Emulator offers well over 400 games, including Grand Fuck Auto, Hard Knight Rises, and Mutant Orgy.
While some of the games on this page are parodies, others are originals. I figure it’s probably a good idea to play a few of these to get a sense of how they play – so let’s do that now, shall we?

Experimenting with the BDSM Discipline on the Sex Emulator

The first title I chose was BDSM Discipline because it has a very high rating and the people who use Sex Emulator’s member’s area are likely to know what’s good and what’s not.
To be completely candid, the gameplay here is a little lacking, but that’s a good thing! It’s essentially a cinematic story experience that I believe many of you will enjoy, particularly those with a particular fondness for bondage.
It centers on a barely legal schoolgirl who arrives at a sex mansion dressed in her uniform; she is quickly stripped naked and dressed more appropriately.
Sex Emulator picture from game
Then it’s up to you to subject this blonde beauty to a variety of punishments, including spanking and deep throating.
What’s great about BDSM Discipline is that you can sit back and relax during several scenes, giving you plenty of opportunities to stroke your snake while the story unfolds!


On Sex Emulator, play Hustle Town.

Hustle Town was one of the more intriguing titles I saw inside Sex Emulator: this game features a fully enriched gangster experience for the aspiring youngster who has just been released from prison and is looking to start an empire.
You’ll start out quite impoverished and with a small crew, but as you progress, you’ll be able to assemble a formidable squad and, while you’re at it, attract a slew of ladies willing to go to any length to get their hands on your dick.
Sex Emulator screenshot
I’d say that of all the games I tried via Sex Emulator, this one is the most in-depth and likely to take up the most of your time.
I played this title for approximately 30 minutes before deciding to divert my attention to other titles on the platform: I hope that gives you an idea of how good this one was for me personally!

The hentai offerings of Sex Emulator

Which game collection is complete without a little hentai action? Sex Emulator currently has over 150 games tagged as featuring hentai, and it’s quite impressive what they’ve gathered from a variety of third-party studios.
You may have heard of Fuck Town before, and this establishment stocks a sizable selection of titles from the series, including Fuck Town: Personal Training’s and Fuck Town: Library Debt.
You can also play Colledge Life (not misspelled by me) and Spring Desires elsewhere in the hentai category: these are both excellent games, and I believe that if you’re a fan of hentai, you’ll enjoy what they’ve got here.
Sex Emulator picture from game 1

Additionally, on the Sex Emulator platform

Along with the games I mentioned previously, Sex Emulator also has a sizable collection of videos for you to enjoy. After clicking the link in the header, you’ll be taken to a page filled with hardcore videos covering a wide variety of niches.
We’re talking 12,000 amateur uploads, 2,000 Asian releases, and even 5,000 jerk-off clips! However, are you curious about what makes this location unique?
It’s the 3D Toon section, which contains well over a thousand rendered, computer-generated images illustrating a wide variety of themes and concepts.
We’re talking moon base assaults, spring break doggy action, and even little green trolls being sucked dry by sexy blonde whores. Sex Emulator‘s 3D Toon uploads are ideal for a truly hilarious messed up porn collection.
Additionally, if you enjoy full-length films, you can access hundreds of DVDs here, including Amateur Lesbian Auditions, Mommy Banged A Black Man, and Mature Busty MILFs.
sex emulator xxx
The breadth and scope of action on the multi-hour DVDs is quite extraordinary, so regardless of the type of smut you enjoy jerking off to, these guys have you covered.
Finally, Sex Emulator includes a free bonus subscription to XXX HD Vault and Premium Porn HD – it’s a bundle that includes everything!

Sex Emulator: Final Thoughts

After all is said and done, can confidently state that does an excellent job of providing you with a diverse selection of XXX games and, on top of that, a massive library of porn videos to jerk your little ding dong.
Sex Emulator picture from game 2
sex emulator
I highly recommend paying this establishment a visit if you get the chance, and yes – it’s ideal for anyone looking for pornographic entertainment!




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