Resident Simulator

The Exclusive Resident Simulator Evil Parody

If you’re a fan of Resident Evil, you can’t deny that you’ve had some naughty ideas about the series’ female characters at some point. You must have been aroused numerous times by the way they were portrayed in the first releases.

resident evil porn game

Review Pros

  • New XXX Parody
  • Unbelievable Graphics
  • BDSM Zombie Sex

Review Cons

  • Very addictive

There is tension between them and the stud male characters, despite the fact that they are all gorgeous vixens. However, I am aware that a large number of you enjoy porn in a coarser manner. This game is also ideal for guys who find themselves excited by porn featuring monsters and tentacles.

This game features zombies as well, and they get to eat some delicious Resident Evil ass. I’ll go into more detail about this xxx parody in the paragraphs that follow.


A Sexy Parody of a Game

Some guys are playing Resident Evil for the zombies, while other guys are doing it for the girls. You’re taken to both of these worlds by this parody of xxx. You’ll love the extreme moments where the monster ravishes the ladies and the sex sequences where the hot studs fuck them.

While the zombie scenes are all about BDSM punishments, tentacle stretching, double penetration, and a lot of screaming, the man sex scenes are more sensual and focused on gratifying the vixens.

resident evil sex game

The characters are identical to those in the first season. You can find Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Rebeca Chambers, and Claire Redfield among the sexiest women in this game. Real characters from the game are also the men and the zombies.

Although the visuals are largely unchanged from the initial release, I appreciate that the devs gave all the girls larger breasts and that the guys and zombies have enormous dicks.

The game’s superb graphics and physics will make all the wild sex activity appear incredibly real. The adult web game appears more polished than the original two Resident Evil games. The growth of adult gaming is astounding, and Resident Simulator is a great way to experience it for free.



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