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RPGatcha is a Japanese video game company.

This word, gacha, is likely to be recognizable to anyone who has ever played a Nutaku video game. Like gambling but with a childlike twist, this is the kind of slot machine you’ll find at a toy store. Playing a gacha machine is like putting money into a ball-shaped gum dispenser and wondering what color gum you’ll get. It’s exactly the same. To win, you put money in, pull the lever, and get what you’re hoping for. The reason for my digression is as follows:

Since majority of the games by Nutaku are role-playing games (RPGs), the term “RPGacha” has been coined. There are frequently gacha mini-games within a game where you may try your luck at unlocking stuff and characters by spending your in-game cash. Characters in Nutaku games are almost always bare-chested attractive bimbos waiting to suck you off at some point in the game. Basically, it’s like a slut lottery in which you’re hoping to win.


It’s Called the Nutaku Method

To be fair, you aren’t the only one who doesn’t find the idea of gambling all that alluring. The most common critique about Nutaku’s games is that they’re a little too greedy for your money, and that’s true. Keep in mind that my praises to them are genuine, so please bear with me. It’s true that these are freemium games that allow you to spend a lot of money and gamble it away, but you don’t have to.

Their design is based on the assumption that they would be played over an extended period of time. They urge you to return to the games on a frequent basis and play a little at a time.

All of the website’s features revolve on the concept of a customized Nutaku profile that you can carry over across games. When you purchase Nutaku coins, for example, you may spend them in any game, but they’re tied to your profile on the entire site and cannot be transferred. In some ways, it feels like all the games are connected.


For one thing, because they’re all designed to keep you coming back and playing little by little, you have every reason to play a several games at once rather than committing all of your attention and resources to just one.

You may expect to find folks who enjoy returning to games they’ve spent time and money on, such as erotic video games, here. This isn’t just a random fap spot you can go to with a single click. Looking for a quick 30 minutes of entertainment? Then you’d be better off searching for Flash gaming websites. Not Nutaku’s flavor of the word. There is an effort to create a pornographic gaming community. Because of this, I can confidently state: If you like even just a single Nutaku game, you’ll be back for more in the near future.

The Grislyest of Art Forms

Hentai is something I’ve previously claimed to dislike, but the fact is that at least five times every week, I find myself indulging in the dish. It’s just a part of life. For those who enjoy it, it’s a good idea to treat yourself to some high-quality, hand-drawn erotica every now and again. A lot of hentai’s greatest elements have found their way into Nutaku’s unique aesthetic.

Instead, they avoided some of the most cringeworthy aspects of hentai, such as blurry genitals and hairy genitals. Years ago, such type of antiquated trash was extinct. Because of this they’ve learned the art of drawing the most depraved parts of the female anatomy and pushed the boundaries of how hot a drawing can be before it practically sets your screen on fire.

In addition, the painting style was tweaked a bit with a few western-inspired gimmicks thrown in. My favorite thing about this is the way they draw the noses, which I’m sure I’ve remarked before. Yes, we’re talking about the real noses here.

Using Western art techniques, they make the females’ faces more more enticing to sexually assault. Hentai Babes and Western Cartoon Characters collide in these cartoons, which always make me squeal with pleasure. As a result, there’s a bit more variation. While Nutaku does not really design games, they do provide the infrastructure for those games to be made available.

They do feature a few titles that appear to be the work of independent developers with their own unique aesthetic. Booty Farm stands apart from the rest of the pack because of its cartoonish visual style.


There are games like Chick Wars, where you can really see the ultra-boner-inducing girls with gigantic tits that I was talking about. It’s because these females appear more like genuine women than the typical hentai beauties, yet nonetheless have magical double-D cups that manage to remain up and about. You can count on me to bang them all if they were real.

Play a Variety of Games

Surely Nutaku would be able to retire with all the money they’re generating from their flagship titles. Instead, they’re constantly releasing fresh content. It’s safe to say that any game you download from this site is of a high standard. When it comes to the art, you know it will be spectacular. You know that there will be a lot of steamy sex scenes in this film. Even if gacha is inevitable, it’s only part of the price of doing business.

Having a wide variety of genres, as well as a large number of RPGs, is something I enjoy about the list. Basically, you can go to Nutaku and either get your fill of RPGs or play anything else you want. There is no surprise here. So, if you’re going to play the same game over and again, it seems obvious that it’s an RPG, doesn’t it? Playing with the females makes you feel like you’re making a genuine impact in a virtual world.


Even if you’re not a fan of role-playing games, there are plenty of other options for you. Think about Tetris, except with tits instead. This is like Fruit Ninja, except with tits instead of fruit. Then perhaps Candy Crush Saga, with tits. That’s what you’ll find here, in this case. To access sex scenes, you may play a mini-game that isn’t part of the smut. Other times, it’ll be mixed in and you’ll have to feed colored pellets into a girl’s open vagina in order to get her moist enough to accept your dick thereafter.

Good Time Passages

Even if you don’t like the thought of playing freemium games at the end of the day, there is still hope for you and Nutaku. Take a look at the Android games they have available. Nutaku has done a great job porting the classics to mobile devices, making them the ultimate mobile experiences. There are currently Android versions for all of their best-selling titles. It’s time to ponder it.

As you travel to work, your headphones are on and you’re completely engrossed. Your virtual harem of combat girls is now a little wetter than it was before, so you head over there. Finally, when you arrive home from work, you cover your phone with cum to show your thanks for all their hard work. Keep your fingers occupied with this activity.


In contrast, if you have a lot of free time and are a big fan of hentai, you have no excuse. Play all of Nutaku’s games to the fullest extent possible. A dozen or more tabs can be opened at once. When your mouse starts to give in, jack off to every sex scene they have to offer. A number of them have excellent voice acting, and they’re all going to smack you over the face with it. This is an interactive smut temple in the truest sense of the word.

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