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Monster Girl Island is a 3D adventure game with adult elements on a secret island filled with unusual inhabitants. There are elves, androids and other non-humans on the island.

Created by the independent developer Redamz who is funding the game via Patreon, Monster Girl Island is only available for Windows. Offering many interesting features, it is however not the most accomplished game that we had the opportunity to discover;


  • Use of 3D
  • Quality graphics
  • Very good gameplay


  • Forbidden to under 18 years old

Presentation of Monster Girl Island : a 3D porn game

Monster Girl Island is an independent hentai game still in development at the time of writing this article. A sort of free, fully playable preview of the game was released under the title “Play Monster Girl Island: Prologue” in June 2019.

Monster Girl Island 1

This “Prologue” version of the game can be downloaded from itch and is also available in the Steam store – but the Steam version will not work on GNU / Linux distributions.

You find yourself on an island and meet some “monster” girls. In reality, they are more like non-human creatures, each one more exciting than the other.


Very friendly, they will naturally come to you to ask you questions. But the dialogue component of this adult game is clearly not the most interesting, nor the most exciting part.

Monster Girl Island 2

The girls in “Monster Girl Island” will talk to you and ask you questions about you and your interests. The girls in this game, like most women in real life, have their problems. Faranne will give you the first problem you will have to solve in this game.

In this case, this first creature has lost the crabs she was supposed to serve for dinner. You’ll have to find them for her, of course.

To locate these crabs, you have to run around the village looking for them. The running is very slow, which makes the experience much less exciting than it could have been.


Fortunately, you can get help locating the missing crabs. The game character Ophelia, who is an Android, can create a mobile “app” for you called “Crabdar 9000.” You will need to find her to enlist her help.

Monster Girl Island 3

Rewards in the form of sexual favors

Unlike women in the real world, Faranne will somehow offer to thank you for your hard work. You can offer to let Franne “thank you” by letting you touch her breasts.

Again, unlike in real life, she will agree that you should choose to go this route. Naturally, she won’t be too comfortable with touching them in public right away. So she’ll invite you back to her place later in the evening.

Monster Girl Island 4

As time goes on, night comes and the game gives you the options of a) going to Ara’s for a nice “chat” (you can pet her if you want), b) going to sleep and c) going to Faranne’s to thank her.

Faranne will keep her promise and let you touch her breasts if you choose to go to her house. She will then get angry and decide to punish you.

She will ask you how to proceed. The best option is to let her do it by sitting on your head. This is very tiring, she will then fall asleep.


Your game character will take this as an excellent opportunity to squeeze her sex between her breasts.

The second chapter begins with a new girl named Renge appearing out of nowhere. She has a problem to solve: her sister has “disappeared”.

Monster Girl Island 5

You will of course have to help her find her sister. To do this, you must find and collect wooden logs for Ophelia the Android.

There are many things to do in this game. That’s basically everything you do beyond reading dialogue boxes where characters tell you what to do or chat about more or less interesting topics.

The monsters you “help” throughout the game will “thank” you for it in a way that is not for all audiences.

These scenes seem to be the highlight of the game and they can be very appealing to those who like the special flavor of erotic entertainment.

Our final opinion on Monster Girl Island

The story, if there is one, is not that compelling. You find yourself on an island with monster girls and that’s it.

Monster Girl Island 6

The graphics are good and the characters are well done in that regard. Their personalities, however, are neither deep nor interesting. The gameplay mainly revolves around finding items to collect.

Monster Girl Island can be compelling if you really like anime-style erotic scenes and erotic games in general.

There’s not much else to celebrate in this porn title. For hotter hentai scenes, we suggest you opt for the FAP CEO game instead.



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