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Discover Mist Train Girls X and its passion for kawaii and sexy waifus who are none other than train drivers! Rather original for a free to play game of this quality, no?


A thick mist surrounds Iris Cloud as well as all the trees of the world that stand at the borders of each country. In this mist, monsters attack the passers-by.


But despite the situation, it is said that the guardians at the end of the railroads will succeed in defending the continent.

Moreover, the nations of Iris Cloud, after consultation, have developed a magic train that can run on the railroad through this bad mist.

To protect the trains and have a pleasant journey, you join the SSS, the Special Steel Squad! But you’re not just anyone as you’re promoted to the rank of SSS Captain.

It’s up to you to subdue the recalcitrant and disobedient students.

Speaking of students, the first ones arrive… you quickly meet Vivienne, Putra and Yoshino, 3 pretty and sexy girls who are very different from each other.

One of them has blue hair, another one is an elfette with long blond hair and the third one is a nekomimi.


MIST TRAIN GIRLS X - xxx hentai game


Attention the training begins! You are plunged directly into the scenario with the story, but also the battles that you will have to carry out.

For that you choose the composition of your team according to their capacities and their element of predilection, you check your energy then you launch the combat.

But one thing you need to know first, you will be able to improve your fighters thanks to the various items and also to the money you will earn.

The battle is launched in waves. You advance with your heroines once you have defeated the monsters of each wave.


For this you have at your disposal basic attacks, ultimates, but also bonuses that can increase the damage of your attacks. What’s more practical is that you have several attack modes for the fights.

Either you choose to do everything manually and by yourself, or you choose to activate the semi-automatic mode, the restricted mode or the full automatic mode!

One thing is for sure, you’ll have to be extra vigilant and tactical depending on your enemies. At the end of the fight, you will of course gain experience and various items.

Before starting a fight again, you can see that you have a small option called “Idle Battle”. This option allows you to start a battle, but at the end, instead of having to restart the battle manually, it restarts automatically.

This is very useful when you want to drop some particular items, I must admit. It allows us to do something on the side while our team fights for us.


MIST TRAIN GIRLS X - adult game

Also, what is nice in Mist train girl x, is that the different stages you have to face on the rails of the adventure, are separated by story moments, which allows you to learn more about the history of the game and that of your heroines. It also makes for a little break between fights. In this game there is a whole lot to do and explore for many hours.


For example, you can find out the detailed stats of your characters, give them equipment or gifts, you can also go on a long historical journey to find out more about each of your girls.

You have the quests, the theater, the train driver’s room, the gacha which contains great items or the shop which will help you in your daily life.

Not to mention the universe and the characters which are to be devoured! It’s like being in an anime, everything is well done and well animated. Even the skillshots in each fight are animated in a different way.



In Mist Train Girl X, hentai is really cute and exciting at the same time. The principle is simple, for each character that you own you must fill its bar of “Memory” in its characteristics.

To do this, you have to give each character the gifts he asks for. Once the bar is full you unlock a level of memory and you can now quietly watch the hentai scene unlocked in the theater part.

The scenes are really wonderful… Sweetness and excitement mix to give us wonderful hentai scenes worthy of any anime of the genre. And on top of that, the scene is fully animated and of very good quality.

MIST TRAIN GIRLS X - adult hentai game



On the design level, the game is simply perfect! A superb mix between anime, kawaii, waifus, video game and hentai!

The characters are numerous, but they are all different and cute. Not to mention the scenery, objects, monsters and various outfits that Mist train girl x offers.



For once in a free to play with such a good quality of gameplay and design, we also have a very good audio quality! Indeed, the Japanese dubbing in the hentai scenes or even the fights and the dialogues are simply great. But let’s not forget also the different musics throughout the game and the chapters.

MIST TRAIN GIRLS X - free hentai game



Mist Train Girls X is a quality hentai free to play game on all levels. If you have to choose a hentai game to test it’s this one you have to take!

Cute and sexy waifus, quality hentai scenes and a rather complete gameplay. What more can you ask for?

Storyline 17/20
Gameplay 18/20
Hentai 19/20
Graphics 19/20
Audio 18/20
Total 18/20
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