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You won’t find a single female character in Gay Harem; only men, sex, seduction and satisfaction. In our review, we’ll focus on the main details of the game’s storyline and what your character can do to get you to the top of the leaderboard.

Gay Harem, a porn game that is a fascinating mix of late 90s video games, Pokemon and gay anime porn.

Outside the game, all the characters are sexy animated with big eyes and big dicks, and your objective is to collect as much as possible in your harem to defeat a group of big machos who steal guys to join their harem.

outdoor sex in gay harem hentai game

The game is actually free, although you can buy energy, a variety of tools and more if you want. Your character is a cute but rugged university-aged guy who wears glasses, and there are all kinds of guys you can join your harem.

Bunny has gray hair and a beard, and he’s the first guy you can add to your harem. Gary is red, has a slim body and wears a mesh shirt.


The Red Battler is a huge bodybuilder with lots of red hair, beard and mustache; and twinky Austin has green hair and eyes, a slim but muscular body and wears a superhero style outfit.

As you play, more and more men will join your harem. You will also meet pirates, men and much more during your game.

History of Gay Harem

In Gay Harem you’ll play as a clumsy and a bit lost young man who is transported to the world of Haremverse.

It’s a fantastic universe in which anybody can have sex with whomever he wants, anytime and anywhere, and the main objective is to have the best harem filled with the hottest guys in the world.

You’ll meet the potential guys of the harem in the scenario that will take you through the most incredible quests.


Whether it’s rescuing a local prince or helping a pirate find his treasure, there won’t be a single moment of boredom.

Each new quest is filled to the brim with porn, and I haven’t even crossed the first square until I’ve ever seen orgies, public sex, pipes and jerks, and so many other things that got me hot all over.

Honestly, I can’t play Gay Harem without having a hand in my pants.

gay harem hentai game

To play the plot, you need energy that is spent having sex with sexy guys. You also need money, which you earn by leveling up the boys in your harem and collecting more.

The boys you meet include the sexy bunny who draws you to the haremverse in the first place, then a naughty Gary who only thinks about romance, a big buff fighter who knows how to abuse you, a twin pilot who needs someone to take care of him, and more.


There is a premium currency that you can buy in bulk for cash, but you absolutely don’t need it to advance through the game.

One of the best features of Gay Harem is that it is completely free

The story is told in the style of a visual novel. You click through the scenes and dialogues to get to the end.

However, Gay Harem is much more than just a visual novel, which is why I got so hooked. There were days when I spent all my free moments playing this game because I couldn’t do without all the little things it had for me.


The adventure game is the sexiest part of the game. Each adventure takes place in a different city or kingdom, and it’s the one that looks the most like an anime comic book.

There’s dialogue and action – with lots of whistles and kicks, rimming and trios – and to move from one side to the other you have to keep clicking.

There’s also very little real animation. Some things you do in an adventure cost money in the ass game, which doesn’t cost real money; other things reward you with points or money.

And often, at the end of an adventure, you have the option to add another guy to your harem. And speaking of your harem, the guys in it give you money, almost as if you were a gigolo.

It depends on the power of each member of the harem and whether you have paid (in play money, not real money, although you can pay in real money to upgrade) to increase the level of a man’s affection.

The more powerful characters give you more money.


For example, Red Fighter gives you $700 every 20 minutes, while Hare (a less powerful character) gives you $100 every two minutes, but if you increase his affection, he’ll give you more money, although less frequently. Your energy and need to fight regenerate slowly and for free.

gay harem porn game

If you run out of energy, it will usually earn you a point every ten minutes. During the time it took me to write a few paragraphs of this review, I generated four points of energy.

You’ll need energy for battles and sex, and if you don’t want to wait to generate more, you can pay Gay Harem Porn Game isn’t really a modern game, since there is very little movement, you have to click to advance in adventures and you have to read the dialogs, since there are no spoken words or sound effects. Still, if you play for a while, it can become quite addictive.


And since they want you to come back, there is a free daily pachinko game. You can also play in-game money or real money on your card to buy other pachinko games and a variety of useful things in the city market, including experience points, candy and dildos to buy the affection of the guys from your harem, warrior outfits, tools and more.

How can I level up in Gay Harem?

You’ll have to improve the level of the boys in your harem – at least the ones you use in combat – by giving them more experience. In addition, you can buy them gifts to increase their affection for you.

Once their affection bar is filled, you can increase their star rating.

With each new star, your harem project will lose some of their clothes until they are completely naked and it’s up to you to take it. I had so much fun increasing their ranking to find out what clothes the boy wanted to take off.

  • Market

At the market you buy gifts for your boys, trinkets and equipment for yourself, as well as temporary stimulants.

For battles you’ll have to fight against the enemies of the story and other real players, you’ll have to have the best possible statistics, as the game explains.

The items you buy in the market will give you a great advantage.

  • Arena

This is where you engage the other players in battle. Unfortunately, the battles are automatic, so even if it’s your main character that makes love to your harem, there won’t be any sex scene shown here.

It’s about having better stats and better equipment than the other player.

  • Pachinko

Pachinko is a game of chance that you can play for free from time to time. It can give you legendary items or limited edition Harem Boys.

To play these Pachinko games as many times as you want, you need to spend first choice currencies.

xxx hentai gay harem

Our conclusion on the sex game Gay Harem

What I find disappointing is that when your harem is involved in a sexual battle or when you play Pachinko, you don’t see the action.

There is no real sex during sex battles, and you don’t have the chance to see the pachiko balls drop or the lights flash in the machines; you only get a report of the result.


It should also be mentioned that there is only one piece of music and that it plays all the time; it is a light and cheerful tune that doesn’t make much sense in sex scenes or almost anywhere else. Gay Harem is in several niches, including anime, porno toon and games.

There is very hot sex in the Adventures section, where it is a combination of comics and games. You’ll collect men in your harem, you’ll make them participate in sexual battles and you’ll be able to improve the features by using play money or real money on your card.

There are worlds full of men to explore and love, although sex is not alive, and there are additional games and quests.

And most importantly, you can play this porn game for free, although you can also pay for certain things if you want.

I enjoyed playing and I can’t wait to see other sexy anime guys as I progress from level to level.


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