Is Games of Desire really that good? The complete review 2022/2023

Nowadays there are many websites that offer a variety of porn games. That’s why we’re going to take a look at one of these sites again today and give you our detailed experience with Games of Desire. The fact is, with so much choice, not every site is worth it.

Some gaming websites charge too high fees and have a poor selection by the way. This time, it’s about our Games of Desire review.

What you can expect on the website and whether it is worth it, you will learn from us today.

Games of Desire

Our Review – What is Games of Desire?

The website specializes in cartoon sex games. These cartoon porn games are as entertaining as they are horny. But is the site really as good as it claims to be? At first glance, you can find numerous different games here.

All of them seem to have good reviews. The site has hundreds of titles that you can browse through. You can scroll up to 100 pages and look at a wide variety of games. Of course, there are also different categories.


Among them are 3D, Action, Animation, Acarde, Education, BDSM, sorry, Gambling, Hentai, Multiplayer, Parody, Puzzle, Quest, Quiz, Sports, and Strip.

We can also recommend you a similar gaming site, whose selection is at least as good. Just read our Meet and Fuck Games review. There we will show you what else this site has to offer. Apart from that, the Games of Desire homepage contains some games from Meet and Fuck Games.

The Homepage

First of all, there is quite a lot going on on the homepage. That’s why it’s difficult to say what you can expect here. Of course you can type what you want directly into the search bar. If you are already looking for something specific, you will find it here.

Otherwise you can click on the categories mentioned. Here you will find titles on the mentioned topics. Below there is also a list of recently added games.

Unfortunately, there is no date here, so you don’t know for sure when the games will be added. However, you will notice that new games are added relatively often.

Still, we can’t tell you how regularly this happens. Even further down you will find the most popular games. And this is how the website is structured.


Now let’s get to the gameplay and what games it actually has.

Our review of the best games on Games of Desire

Of course, you have more than enough games to choose from on the website. That’s why we made it our business to introduce you to a few of them. This way you can get an idea of the selection of games for yourself.

Of course you can also just visit the website yourself. Just click on the button below this section. You will be redirected to the Games of Desire homepage.


There you will be presented with some titles that you will surely want to try out. Here you can have a look at Games of Desire yourself !

How much does the website cost?

Now we come to the biggest advantage of Games of Desire. The site is completely free. So unlike other gaming sites, you don’t have to spend a dime to really have fun.

You don’t have to provide any credit card information when registering. So there are no hidden memberships coming your way.

In addition, the registration process only takes a few minutes. Moreover, you do not have to enter any personal information.

After registration, you will only receive a confirmation email. Then you can start playing. If you are looking for more free porn games, we can recommend you our list of free sex games.

In fact, you can play most of the games completely without registration. Later, we will introduce you to “Strended with Her”, for example.

In this game, among others, you can start right away, completely without registration.


What you need to provide for registration

For many players of online porn games it is important to keep anonymity. After all, you don’t want colleagues or acquaintances to recognize you on the site. Privacy is also a given on Games of Desire. However, you will still have to provide the following information when you register.

  • Your email address
  • Your username
  • Password
  • Gender: male, female, other
  • Sexual orientation: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, other
  • A short description about yourself

And that’s all you need to become a member of Games of Desire. Then you just have to take the typical captcha test to confirm that you are not a robot. But you will surely pass it.

Chloe’s New Job: Pizza Delivery Girl

The first game we want to introduce to you is called Pizza Delivery Girl. This is a sex flash game that revolves around a 22-year-old college student.

Her name is Chloe. Professionally, she has no special qualifications.

That’s why she was just fired from Subway, even though she had just started. Fortunately, however, she gets a job at a pizza restaurant.

She got the job by blowing the boss. Of course, it’s you who controls the interaction. Then it’s on to your first delivery.


Games of Desire Review

You have to distribute all kinds of goodies around the city and get to know all kinds of different guys. On the way, Chloe gets to know a few customers who can’t or won’t pay.

She also wrecks the car she needs to deliver! At one point Chloe even smears a guy with pizza and gives him a blowjob to get out of the situation.

The game is really funny, subdivides exciting situations. Also, the gameplay is surprisingly detailed. Pizza Delivery Girl is definitely not the most difficult game you can find on the website.

That’s exactly why we recommend it for beginners who want to play hot and simple games.

As already mentioned, this is a flash game. So if your PC doesn’t support it, unfortunately you won’t be able to play the game. That’s why you should make sure to download the flash player beforehand.

Pornstar Dating Sim

The name says it all about the game. First of all, you start with the creation mode. Here you can choose the sex, the appearance and the name.

You can also choose options that characterize your character’s profession. For example, you can be a student, a soldier, an athlete, or a criminal.

The only thing to note here is that you can’t turn the game on silent. So if you want to play it in secret, you should definitely get headphones. Otherwise, you can just set the whole open tab to silent.


Try Pornstar Dating Sim on Games of Desire !

With the yellow one, you can go to the gym for now, for example. After all, it’s similar to Sims, and you can control your avatar.

If you like animated games with hot women, we can also recommend you our article on the best cartoon sex games.

You can also choose some options in the gym. You can work with a trainer, go to the sauna, or just look around. All these actions are based on time.

And you also consume other resources depending on what you choose.

So, just like in the Sims game, you have to make sure that your character has enough energy. You can also increase your strength by training.


Besides, this will also help you find hot women who will think you are attractive. After all, if you look good, you will get more girls. Then you can easily end your day by going to bed.

Meet hot sim women

Of course, after a certain amount of time you will meet women. There are different levels that you have to reach. Then you can talk about more intimate things and become more erotic with the girls.

There is no point in asking them for sex right at the beginning. Of course, we don’t want to spoil you how the game goes in the end. But for this game you should take some extra time.

However, you can be sure that you will eventually get a pretty horny woman in bed. In any case, we had a lot of fun with this game, which is why we recommend it to you.


Kyousei Inkou – Dungeon Pleasure

Again, the name says a lot about the game. The hentai game comes straight from Japan, and if one thing is for sure, it’s that things get rough here. You surely already know that this is common in Japanese porn.

But here you can experience it first hand. First, you have to accept a warning. “This game contains violence, gore and brutal sex”. At the latest then you know how far the game goes.

Kyousei Inkou Dungeon pleasure

Immediately after the confirmation, the story starts. This is about a girl who is kept in a cell under a company. And this, of course, so that she can sexually pleasure the workers.

The game then gives you a little tutorial as far as the controls are concerned. Strangely enough, the info is in Japanese.

Therefore, I guess you’ll have to figure out for yourself how what works. Just try it out and you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

First you get a blowjob. There is some hair pulling and dirty talk involved. As time goes by, you’ll get more options.


For that you click the blue field on the left side. You can also use keys on your keyboard if you want it to go faster. This will speed up the dialog text, so you don’t have to read everything carefully if you don’t want to.

Stranded With Her: very good review on Games of Desire

In our Games of Desire experience, this game is definitely up there with the rest. The game starts right when you click on it.

You don’t have to register or do anything else. You don’t even need the latest version of the Flash player.

First you will be introduced to a cute girl. Then you can choose your relationship. You can also decide what you want her to call you.


Just type in your name and you’re ready to go. In this game you play the boyfriend who has had a crush on the main character Ella for a long time.

Stranded with her experiences

You’ve always wanted to get her into bed, but you’re just friends. However, due to an incident, the two of you end up together on a deserted island. That’s right, just you and her. What that means, you can surely imagine.

You’re getting closer and closer. Of course, you have to take care of that by scoring points with her in the conversations. Then, eventually, there will be hot scenes, but you’ll have to earn them first.

stranded with her

This is probably the most popular game we will tell you about in this Games of Desire review. Overall, it’s not only well received by the community. We also think that this game is quite successful.

Games of Desire Review and Experience Conclusion

Overall, we can say that Games of Desire offers you a lot when it comes to online sex games. The selection, the quality and the non-existent price make for a convincing overall result.

Here we would like to summarize once again the main aspects that make this website so strong.

  • countless categories for every taste
  • reliable search bar with keyword search
  • the possibility to leave comments and ratings
  • insanely large game selection

So, don’t wait any longer and check out Games of Desire for yourself today. After all, the site is completely free. One thing is for sure, you won’t regret signing up.

We also have an article that shows you what sex games usually cost. In the same article we show you where to find good free sex games.


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