Fapanizer is a brand new sex game that is making a meteoric rise: the design of the characters and the magnificent graphics are just two of the many elements that make this game so admired.

fapanizer porn game


Fapanizer, the game where the goal is to make women cum

fapanizer sex game

You’ve probably already played a porn video game where the goal is to fuck a lot of women like Sex Emulator or Apexxx Legends – but with Fapanizer, the goal is to do it all the way! Making women cum is the best thing about this hyper-realistic sex game.


With such great sound work you’ll love to hear them moan and scream as they get closer to the goal! Plus, the men you’ll be playing are hot guys with bulging muscles and big dicks, so women will love it. Try Fapanizer to learn how to give women ultra powerful orgasms!

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  • Ultra powerful orgasms on screen!
  • High quality graphics
  • Incredible responsiveness
  • Cross-Platform multiplayer


  • Can be a bit long to load


Opinion on graphics, gameplay and sound effects

As we said, Fapanizer makes use of HTML5 to bring you a realistic and exciting experience like you’ve never felt before! The bodies of the characters in the game are not only very beautiful and realistic, but also very responsive: they will react quickly to every little movement on your part.

The boobs and buttocks of the chicks bounce in a super natural way, you will really get a kick out of it! The sound is also very nice in this sex game: the women’s sound effects are natural and realistic, and the moans and screams they make when they get close to orgasm are really incredible.

You won’t be able to hold back your orgasm either! If you’re looking for more hardcore games with violent scenes, check out our Bondage Simulator and Hardcore Simulator games.

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Features of Fapanizer

Fapanizer offers many features that make the gaming experience super enjoyable, including touchscreen compatibility – in other words, you can start playing on your computer with your mouse and keyboard, and continue the experience from your phone or tablet!

This is a major plus for an online porn game, as not all of them offer you this possibility. With this compatibility, note also that there is cross-platform: that is to say that you can play online with smartphone and tablet users even if you are on your computer!

This multiplies the number of players you can meet online and the possibilities of finding someone to share a hot and intense game with.

Our final opinion on Fapanizer

As you may have guessed, our opinion on Fapanizer is very favorable: the multi-support compatibility favors multiplayer which is really nice in an online sex game.

The graphics are state-of-the-art, the bodies are responsive, and the sound effects are incredibly exciting!

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