Dick Dolls

If there is one category of quiet porn games that is under-represented, it’s transsexual games! However, shemales and other futanari are part of the assumed fantasies of many people and it is unfair not to find more adult games featuring beautiful girls with massive penises.

Fortunately, Dick Dolls remedies this and let’s face it, this adult game does it right! In this Dick Dolls review, we present this trans porn game, its gameplay and graphics, to dive into an experience without taboos.

Presentation of Dick Dolls, shemale and hard sex

The world of porn games offers most users the opportunity to live out their fantasy in 3D, with for example the very good Stud Game for men who like men, the very naughty Lesbian Porn Game for women who like women, and the more classic 3D sex games for straight men, such as Real Adult Sex Game.

But finding a good trans porn game is no easy task, much to the dismay of shemale lovers. So Dick Dolls comes at the right time to satisfy the desires of ladyboy or Futanari lovers, who will discover a very hard game!

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Right from the start, Dick Dolls warns you that the title is very addictive and above all, that it contains very hard, sometimes brutal sex scenes.

dick dolls xxx game

If you’re not the type to be shocked by so little and you dream of taking part in virtual interactive porn in the company of shemales, each one sexier than the next, you’re in the right place.

Dick Dolls: our opinion on the graphics and gameplay

The Dick Dolls porn game is aimed at a mature audience, which expects to take part in very hard sex scenes at times.

If you are one of these naughty players, then our opinion on Dick Dolls, on its exciting gameplay and on its magnificent graphics should make you want to play as soon as possible!

XXX graphics for a hard transsexual game

Dick Dolls is a trans porn game that relies a lot on its graphics to trigger the excitement of its players and we can say that it works very well.

The level of detail brought to the transsexuals of the title is impressive and whether it’s the animated breasts as well as the real ones, the facial expressions or the penis veins, everything is done to make the action as realistic as possible.

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The same goes for the animations during the 3D sex phases, which almost seem to be taken from a good porn movie.

dick dolls sex game

We love to see the different partners enjoying sex in all possible and imaginable positions, with two, three or more people, and only the rendering of sperm remains too virtual…! In this area, our opinion on Dick Dolls is very positive!

Addictive gameplay

Playing Dick Dolls is like watching an adult film, but better because this game with shemales puts you in the shoes of the main protagonist.

You are free to choose the different characters you want to see on the screen, to define the naughtiest setting and to manage the positions and the intensity of the practices.

Everything takes place with the mouse, so that your hands are not too cluttered, and you can easily have fun varying the shots, zooming in or out on the action, while creating the hardest scenes possible. To satisfy your cravings for trans sex, with shemales as naughty as each other, Dick Dolls is a total success.

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Hard and uninhibited sex

If the graphics are a big part of our positive opinion of Dick Dolls, the way the title brings the sex phases and the absence of taboos only increase our satisfaction. From the very first steps on this trans porn game, you can define the level of intensity of the adventure you wish to participate in.

dick dolls porn

You will have the choice between NSFW (for naughty content, not to be put in all hands), Erotic or Hard, before having to choose your first playmate. There are 4 choices to start with:

  • Jenny, a mixed-race trans woman who seems to enjoy naughty lingerie
  • Cecilia, with an afro hairstyle and large breasts
  • Jamie, a gorgeous brunette with a massive penis
  • Mia, a sporty blond girl with a teasing look

Make your choice, to start with, before being able to modify the protagonists by unlocking new game partners, as you play. You can also define the level of sexual intensity, between soft, hard, experienced or brutal, which will change the nature of what you see on the screen.

Very quickly, this trans game becomes addictive and you will only want to keep playing. Let’s find out how to register in the rest of this review on Dick Dolls!

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Dick Dolls registration and rates

You can play Dick Dolls for free directly from your browser, for an immediate hard experience. All you have to do is verify that you are of legal age by registering via the form provided, to access this transsexual game and its features.

The title is free for a single player experience, but a premium subscription is required if you want to play with other gamers from all over the world to take part in multiplayer sexual experiences.

Verdict on Dick Dolls, the best of the transsexual games!

To conclude this review of Dick Dolls, we can only salute the work done on this trans porn game, which easily ranks as the reference in the field. It’s rare to have an adult game for transgenders and this one finally allows ladyboys and futanari fans to fulfill their fantasies.

With high quality graphics and a gameplay that allows almost everything, without taboos, Dick Dolls will enchant sex lovers eager for intense experiences.

dick dolls

We appreciate the great variety of characters available as well as the freedom offered during the most X phases, as well as the possibility of defining the level of intensity of the different scenes, according to the desire of the moment.

To dive into this naughty universe, in good company, all you have to do is register for free and choose your first play partner. What are you waiting for?

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