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Sex games from video game universes are very popular, since they offer the possibility of extending the title’s pleasure in a very naughty way.

The latest addition to this large family is Cyberslut 2069, a parody of the 2020 title Cyberpunk 2077.

Like its model, this sex game offers a huge open world and customization options that will make your adventure as exciting as it is addictive.

We’ll give you our opinion about Cyberslut 2069, after analyzing its gameplay, graphics and possibilities.

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Cyberslut 2069: The first open world porn RPG.

Imagine a huge open world where you can customize your character, walk around and make lots of new acquaintances – sexual ones. That’s the principle behind Cyberslut 2069, the first porn RPG!

cyberslut 2069

In this huge futuristic city you’ll move from district to district and, depending on your encounters, you’ll fuck as you please. Whether in pairs, threesomes or more, your sex sessions will help you advance the story.

The story is well thought out and you can play alone or share the adventure with other players in multiplayer mode.

In Cyberslut 2069 you’ll not only be able to customize your character, but also the beautiful and sexy creatures you meet.


There are many ways to satisfy your desire, and there is an extended creativity tool. A very successful porn game in this respect.

As we’ll explain in detail later in this review of Cyberslut 2069, this open-world porn RPG has more than enough to delight even the naughtiest among you.

Gameplay, animations, graphics and possibilities.

Some parodies of games or TV series (see our opinion on Narcos XXX) are excellently implemented and make you feel 100% immersed in the title. CyberSlut 2069 is a game that is good in every aspect and offers a perfect implementation.

Gameplay that never gets boring

Adventure-oriented dialogs, action, XXX sex scenes – you’ll never get bored in CyberSlut 2069. The title offers ultra-diverse gameplay and the story will keep you on the edge of your seat.

And if you want to share the fun with others, just meet up with other players in multiplayer mode and have your fun!


Actions that affect the story

An advantage of this sex game that should not be underestimated is the fact that your behavior and choices affect the adventure.

Thus, you’ll be able to shape the game to your liking and embody the type of character you want. And since the characters you fuck are customizable, there are no limits to what you can do.

Incredible Graphics

Where CyberSlut 2069 really shines is in its graphics. Not only is it beautiful, with realistically modeled characters, but the details of the bodies and the environment will completely immerse you in the game.

You’ll have as much fun participating in a hard gangbang as walking through the streets of this cyberpunk city. Note that Cyberslut isn’t a hentai sex game, but a porn RPG for our pleasure.


The perfect soundtrack to immerse yourself in this XXX world.

Great care has been taken on the sounds, whether during the sex scenes with very exciting screams or during your exploration. It’s alive, and if you play with headphones, the fun is increased many times over.

How do I sign up and play Cyberslut 2069?

Signing up for Cyberslut 2069 is quite simple and takes only a few moments. The game is accessible for free for people of legal age, who can take advantage of a two-day trial offer that is 100% free.

cyberslut 2069

You will only be asked to confirm that you are of age, after answering some questions and making an initial selection of the female characters that appeal to you: Hair colors, breast sizes that excite you, the presence or absence of tattoos…


And if you have a virtual reality headset, you should know that the title also lets you play VR games. The games then take on another dimension and quickly become addictive! If you like the genre, read our review of VR Fuckdolls, one of the references for VR porn.

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Cyberslut 2069: Advantages and Disadvantages

Before we give our final opinion on CyberSlut 2069, let’s list its strengths and weaknesses.


  • A successful parody of Cyberpunk 2077 and its world.
  • The great variety of possible sexual practices
  • The possibilities for personalizing the characters.
  • Graphic details that make the difference
  • The VR and multiplayer modes
  • The 100% free trial offer.


  • Sometimes very hard sex scenes
  • High risk of becoming addicted

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Our opinion about Cyberslut 2069: The top X-RPG.

Our opinion of Cyberslut 2069 is very positive. The title brings something new to the genre, offering a large open world to explore to multiply the hardest sex sessions.

It’s a breath of fresh air in a sector in which porn games are difficult to innovate, and its RPG aspect will delight players who are looking for a title in which the sex is carried by a story and a captivating environment.


If you like trashy sex games, are enthusiastic about the cyberpunk atmosphere and don’t shy away from XXX sex scenes, you’ll find CyberSlut 2069 a title that will be difficult to put down.

👉 Click here to play Cyberslut 2069 for free.

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