Let’s talk Steam today with Cute Honey! This hentai puzzle game is really great. The hentai scenes are animated and especially the design is of very very good quality. We let you discover this little gem.


In Cute Honey there is no real story. You just have to play mini games with water to unlock the hentai scenes. But beware the minigames in question require you to pay close attention and strategize.


CUTE HONEY - xxx game


Cute Honey will make you change your mind about the principle of the mini-game!

You start the game screen with the sexy main character in a maid outfit, you have to admit that it immediately makes you want to start the game.

The principle is simple, you have several levels to unlock which unlocks different hentai scenes with different characters. Moreover in this first game, there are two pretty girls to devour the scenes.

The goal of the game is simple: you have to draw chalk lines to hold and direct all the water bubbles in the glass provided.


To do this you have a limited amount of chalk, the limit of which is the large bar on the right. Once the gauge is empty, you can no longer draw.

You should also know that at the first line drawn, the water tap will activate itself and you will not be able to do anything about it hehe!

No stop, no pause, you can simply admire the path that your little bubbles of water will make.

CUTE HONEY - porn game

For the bubbles to succeed in the level, you will have to fill the glass to the congratulations that are activated in the middle of the screen.

But be careful, even if the first few levels seem easy, don’t be fooled. Soon the level will increase to force you to think! Additional obstacles will get in your way.

Purple propellers that when activated turn and divert your bubbles from their trajectory tease you.

We can also talk about the various balls with magical powers that come quickly on your levels. One makes the water bubbles evaporate, the other one changes their side…

There are even squares that move slightly. In short, you’ll have to be more intelligent and vigilant! If, despite all our advice, you can’t manage, you can click on the question mark.

This will give you the answer by showing you the chalk diagram to draw.


CUTE HONEY - free hentai game


The design of this game is really perfect! It looks like a premium game or one of the latest fashionable anime, with a really modern and quality drawing.

We feel that the designer really spent time on it, all the details are there until the slightest plus or the slightest drops of sweat.


CUTE HONEY - hentai xxx game


Let’s go to the most interesting part of the game hehe. The first thing you have to know is that you will have to download the Patch +18 of the game if you want to enjoy all the scenes!

Otherwise it will be blurred. I put you the link to download the patch right here. Once you install it, you will live again! You will be able to discover all the hentai scenes in detail.


The scenes are all really animated and you can interact. First of all you can choose to keep or remove the clothes one by one, which gives you the total choice on the girl.

Then you will be able to choose in some scenes to put your dick inside or outside the orifices of your beloved!

Depending on the scene, you can also choose where you want to cum. In short you will have understood it the hentai scenes are of very good quality and moreover entirely animated!

Moreover you can have access to the scenes that you have already unlocked So what are you waiting for to enjoy it?


CUTE HONEY - hentai adult game


Nothing to complain about the audio which is perfectly adapted to the game, but also to the sexy scenes.



The price of this game is about 2 euros. It’s more than reasonable for scenes of this quality.


Cute Honey is a perfect game from my point of view! It is full of hentai and it is not that complex. It’s still a pretty interesting and easy to play puzzle game for everyone. A gem to have in your Steam library.

Story 15/20
Gameplay 19/20
Hentai 19/20
Graphics 18/20
Audio 17/20
Price 19/20
Total 18/20


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