Cunt Wars


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A Straightforward Idea

A lot of this game’s design is based on other non-pornographic games. I’m not sure if they’re puzzles or role-playing games, but they remind me of chess. Playing cards from a deck is essentially the same as drawing from a deck. There are grid-based creatures that may be placed on the board, and when you put a card, it becomes one of those creatures.

Cunt Wars

The creatures on this side of the board then face off against each other in a straight line. The greatest analogy I can think of is Plants vs. Zombies in reverse. Plants vs. Plants is an appropriate comparison for this game.

In the front lines, you’ll have a melee bitch close to the adversary and an archer behind her. Each of their assaults will have a special modification attached to it, and they’ll aim for the next adversary in line. You’ll either win or run out of babes and health points if you’re playing against someone who does the same thing as you. It’s a basic idea, yet it works perfectly. I’m confident that you’ll like this game for a long time because of the high-quality gameplay. It’s addicting, it’s enjoyable, and it’s well-executed.

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Free porn games with this style of half-puzzle/half RPG gameplay are usually seen as a lazy way out. Is a distraction, but there isn’t any challenge. So this arrangement lends itself to a lot of complexity since it matters where you position the girls. It’s imperative that you consider your options before making a hasty decision. This is such a great idea. It adds to the enjoyment of the game. I’m not rushing to get to the smut as quickly as possible. But don’t be alarmed; we’ve got your back. But there will always be plenty of jeering.

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Spectacular Smut Cards and Scenes

This game’s smugness is double, and that’s why I like it so much. The smut is only included in the visual novel section of comparable games, such as those found on Nutaku, and the fighting is the meat of the gameplay. As it turns out, they’ve found a method to infuse the real cards here with a lot of smut. In some card games, the cards remain the same throughout the game.

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After unlocking a card, you’re done. The card will remain in circulation indefinitely, but it will not change in any way. In most cases, they’re based on the publication of paperback editions, and paper doesn’t change with time.

In an online digital game, you don’t have that constraint, thus the cards here do alter a lot. You can increase their strength by leveling them up, but that’s not what makes them enjoyable. A gorgeous babe in a sexually graphic situation is featured on every card. It becomes worse and worse as you level up the card, until you’re left with nothing but a bent-over slut yearning for a cock. I’m a big fan of this strategy since it provides you the desire to kick even more ass.

In addition, each and every one of the women depicted on the cards is a playable character in the game. She’s not just battling for you; she’s also conversing with you, which is how she’s developing a relationship with you. When you get to know them, it becomes easier for you to care for them. I’ve also seen a trend among guys, including myself, to regard a woman with a great deal of respect when she assists in fighting.

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The female on a certain card becomes quite important when it comes in useful during a battle. When it comes to this, CuntWars is the real deal. Though attractive, these women do not serve as mere ornaments. All of them are formidable foes, and you respect them all.

Creating the Best Possible Deck

Since the cards in this game may be gathered and enhanced, it should come as no surprise that you can and should create your own deck for it. As you go through the career adventure mode, you’ll be able to add new cards to your collection. The more times you use a card, the more nuanced the artwork becomes.

Even while it’d be wonderful, it’s probably not the best idea to completely undress all of your ladies. Not right away, at any rate. Due to the increasing difficulty of battle, you must rely on your brain instead of your cocksucker to create an effective deck. In other words, you don’t merely choose the most popular or most powerful cards.

Cunt Wars XXX Hentai Game Review

You’ll need to select the cards that work best when played in conjunction with one another. That’s the basic gist of it. When playing a card game, you’re looking for cards that will work well together and enhance each other’s defenses and offensive.


Mode of Experimentation

This game features a robust single-player adventure mode, and I strongly advise you to take use of it to the most. It’s essential to the plot’s progression, and you’ll face several boss battles as a result. A long visual novel cinematic starring the females from your deck is shown at the conclusion of each chapter, and this is when all of your hard work cultivating relationships comes to a head, practically speaking.

Cunt Wars XXX Game Review

Eventually, you’ll be able to suck and fuck each and every one of them in progressively sensual situations that are both very stimulating and exceptionally beautifully designed. If you have a sexual or a combat hunger, this game will not let you down. I promise to god. No matter why you’ve come to this game, you’re going to have a terrific time. There’s never a dull moment in this game, thanks to the constant upscaling of difficulty and variety.


Outstanding Conceptualization

The game is well-suited to being played on a web browser. For the most part, the developers employed a current browser engine, so you don’t have to deal with Flash. The game engine is one I’m not familiar with, but it works great and allows the devs to stuff an absurd amount of high-quality material into the game without slowing it down. If you wanted to play this game on a smart fridge, I’m pretty sure you could.

Cunt Wars Hentai Game Review

Additionally, the user interface is fantastic. In order to understand how everything worked, I did not need to consult any documentation. Everything is so obvious. You may also visit the shop via the overworld menu, and that’s to be expected in a free game like this. Additionally, it’s a location where you can spend real money for virtual titties in addition to being able to buy more cards on the fly. The freemium model makes perfect sense to me, as they need to earn a profit somewhere.

You don’t need any bought cards to progress through this game, and being limited in that sense makes the game more enjoyable because it enhances the challenge. As fighting develops, you have to thoroughly consider your options and value the cards you currently have.

Cunt Wars

That the tutorial couldn’t be disabled bothered me a little. That was a major hindrance to the fun I was hoping to get out of it. There’s nothing wrong with the lesson, but it was a pain in the neck because I’ve played it previously. Because I couldn’t recall my login credentials, I was forced to redo everything, which was tedious. Even if you’re fresh to the game and don’t have that issue, I felt the need to moan about it.


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