Cumunista provides Instant Sexual Freedom.

I’ve been reviewing sex games for over ten years and have yet to come across a better-put-together sex gaming site than Cumunista.


The plots are crazily funny, the 3D artwork is really breathtaking, and best of all, the site is completely free! Some of the games even include voices by well-known actresses, which must have cost a lot of money.

Top Features

  • Free sign up
  • Hook up profiles
  • Multiplayer games
  • Lots of customization

Naturally, the makers at Cumunista are promoting the main title, but there are four mini-games that I’m not sure about because they’re probably still work in progress. Instead, let’s talk about what you may expect to find on this sex games website!

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Experience Extraordinary Interactive Gaming

There are currently roughly 35 sex games for you to study, and they are constantly adding new ones. They also take excellent care of their key five titles, where significant additions are introduced, which is ideal if you prefer playing one same game over and over.

Most other sites include a plethora of games, incentives, and other goodies! However, Cumunista appears to prefer hooking their members on the flagship titles where you can’t wait for the next, imminent expansion.

Simple Navigation and Access to All Sex Games

When you initially enter Cumunista, you will be given a brief overview of the overall gaming plan as well as all of the different qualities you can expect to encounter. Please close attention to what I’m about to say!

All of the adult games are available in a “simple” option. However, there are numerous contrasting data and features that will bring on major fortitude, a pool of available beautiful babes, as well as which sex position you favor, and so on. This is something you should absolutely investigate more.

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If I haven’t already told you, Cumunista is a browser game that requires Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, all of which I’m sure you already have. Furthermore, presumably you have a decent internet connection so that you can download all of the materials.

I was attempting to figure out the title Cumunista, and I believe the creators intended for people to imagine themselves in an erotic simulation setting.

When I went further into the alternatives, I immediately learned that they also provide dating activities, the major one being Paradise Lust Island, which is similar to Skyrim if you are familiar with the title.

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Play Date Simulators with CEO Ladies, Expensive Escorts, and Sleazy Whores.

I particularly appreciate the storyline in which you have just moved to a major city and your duty is to rent a room, hunt for a great job, join the hottest gym in town, and meet as many friends as possible, all on the same day.

You’re going to love this portion because you’ll get to have sex with the hottest girls from all walks of life, from stuck-up CEO dames and well-to-do female business owners to trashy disco chicks and regular street walkers. They’re all the biggest cum loving sluts the world has ever seen!

If you prefer your chicks to be huge and chubby or tall and slim, young or old, you will have plenty of options. If you want to be really nasty, go to a restroom with gloryholes or hire an extraordinarily beautiful and expensive escort.

The decision is entirely yours! Overall, the Cumunista adult site is by far one of the best sex game experiences I’ve ever had, and I strongly hope you’ll sign up right now… who knows how long this site will remain completely free.

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