Craving Quest

An action-RPG game with Hentai scenes


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You have to look hard to find good sex games. Even more difficult is finding a game that is both challenging and entertaining at the same time. Craving Quest, on the other hand, quickly solves that issue. Magic, wonder, and gorgeous ladies abound in this land of fantasy.

As such, let’s take a closer look at what makes this a “must-have” title in the tits, asses, and pussy genre.

Craving Quest

It was a wonderful story.

The game’s narrative is rather complex. You begin as a woman who is in a sexually charged situation. However, things aren’t always what they appear to be. It’s possible that you’re seeing yourself from the past or the future. Find out for yourself by playing! The tale, however, is not about that.

Putting the player in a female adventurer’s shoes is at the heart and spirit of the tale. Oh, and she’s joined by two men at the beginning of her journey. In the first sequence, she blows one of them. When one of the male characters’ dicks is in the female character’s mouth, you know it’s going to be a terrific game.

You’re part of a group of adventurers who have been given the task of finding a hidden continent and restoring order to the globe. The player is given this situation by a goddess, and it is up to them to figure out who is to blame for the mayhem and locate the fabled lost continents of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. This cast of personalities may make for a really sensual sexual encounter.


As a result, this tale is told solely through text in this game. You’ll also get a lot of text in between each encounter/fight, which is what I mean by “text.” It’s a full-fledged narrative about which the authors appear to be really enthusiastic.

The dialogue in some sex games isn’t always the best. Pornographic comparisons are never a good thing. However, this one has the best conversation of the bunch. It’s still really simple, but it really shines since it has so much narrative to convey. And it does it with conversation delivered by a diverse cast of individuals.

As you go, you’ll encounter a variety of shady people, some of whom are outright sexually aggressive. It’s up to you to determine if they’re there to help or hurt you. Every encounter you have in the game is influenced by the tale.

A tale is built around each of these interactions. After a lot of back and forth between several characters, you’ll eventually find yourself in a fight. Most of the time, these fights serve as a metaphor for the plot. In a world where boobs and a wet pussy are the norm, this is refreshing change of pace.

Defeat Your Enemies

There are a ton of fantastic game elements in this game, and they all work well. You and your allies (Heroes) each have their own unique abilities in the game’s battle. Now, these unique powers aren’t generally associated with large breasts and chubby butts, but they are common in the gaming industry nonetheless.

Short battle sequences appear in each stage to demonstrate these talents. You may, for example, read a few lines of dialogue to gain a sense of the plot. You’ll then be sent to a level where you may begin playing the game for real.

Your 3D characters (in a 3D setting) take on opponents in this level. Because you can’t really move your characters, it’s important to highlight that the game is in 3D. Auto-battle is what they’re using in place of actual combat. Managing their fundamental and specific maneuvers is your responsibility.

Craving Quest


In the beginning, the conflicts are quite simple. In the shape of your adversaries, you won’t face much competition. However, difficulty is not the goal of the game. You’ll get an amazing adventure game experience with a slew of wonderful features instead.

Here are a few features that hit all the right notes, so let’s have a look.

A Completely Operated Game

In addition to Adventure Mode, there are a variety of different modes to choose from. A Time Trial Mode and an Event Mode are available. In the Occurrences Mode, there are exceptional events that take place in the game environment, making this mode unique. Be sure to take advantage of them while you can, as they’ll only be around for a short while.

If you’re searching for a challenge, you’ll want to play the Time Trial Mode. As a result, I was unable to play this mode since I had not yet reached the necessary level. However, having two sex game choices is more than I expected.

It wouldn’t be a real sex game if there wasn’t some element of depravity or nakedness involved. As a result, gaining experience points through combat is exactly what you’ll get. These experience points and the levels you’ve beaten open the door to even more challenging content. Each level also comes with its own set of benefits.


The prizes might be anything from money to gifts. Keeping an eye on the gifts is the most crucial thing to do. Your female party members will thank you for it when they receive the gifts you’ve sent them. These are called “Secrets” in the game. This “open up to you” mechanic is a fantastic one. The pie, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to come by.

Each time you go through a level, you learn more about these women and their stories. Literally. Several square tiles conceal a multitude of stories for each woman. Giving them gifts and playing the game unlocks these squares more quickly. The females are depicted in various sex actions in each picture. When all the pieces are in place, the static image is transformed into a fully realized computer-generated scenario.


If you want to see your favorite female swallow or get fucked in the ass, it’s a fairly excellent motivation to keep playing.

In addition, you may customize your character’s appearance by equipping various items from the game. Each one serves a distinct function and adds to the overall effectiveness of the Hero’s combat activities.

If you’re in the market for a full-fledged video game, look no further.

In My Opinion

Every facet of the game was a blast for me. Playing as your heroes and enemies in 3D makes for a great little sequence every time they face off against them other. Now that this is a “game as a service,” with Time Trials and Limited-Time Events, it really does seem that way (which works as a positive in this particular case). Everything about this game is fantastic: the variety of upgrades you may make, as well as the plot that truly matters. Having a sex game with good dialogue is always a good thing.

Not a fan of

I found nothing negative to say about the game. A defect is impossible to locate on this one.

Lastly, some words of wisdom

Playing this game is a must for everyone! Everything you could possibly want is here.. It features gorgeous women sucking on a cocksucker. Adventures in 3D are included. Various modes are available to play with. Is there anything I don’t like about this?


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