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Comix Harem : a free online hentai game

Comix Harem is a free hentai game that plunges you into an obscene and downright exciting universe! Directly inspired by comic books, you evolve in a comic book atmosphere with ultra sexy superheroines. With a very detailed graphics, nothing escapes you since no sex scene is censored. In fact, there are plenty of them since you have to boost your girls’ performance with X-rated positions to win!

As this is a multiplayer RPG, you will even have the possibility to test yourself in the arena against opponents who are just as motivated as you are by the reward of hentai scenes. And since developer Nutaku makes regular updates, you’ll even have the chance to splurge on side quests and special events for even more rewards! Available in free-to-play on PC or mobile, this is a must-have hentai game for private parties in solitary. In the same style there is also the game Hentai Heroes available for free on browser.


Game background and story

In Comix Harem, you play as Wildman, a hero with a super penis. His goal? To rescue sexy girls from the big bads and keep them safe in his harem. As exciting as they are horny, they only want to fight! Your avatar will have to boost their performance with a lot of sex that gives right to many hardcore scenes.

In addition, and facing the super-villains, the girls reveal themselves completely in hentai visuals worthy of the most beautiful Japanese mangas. But besides the main quest, you will also have many side quests for even more thrills. And since it’s a free and popular hentai game, there are regular updates to keep the action and fun going!


What to do in Comix Harem?

One thing is for sure, you won’t get bored with Comix Harem! In the main adventure, you always have to recruit sexy girls for your harem. As they all have their own affinities and preferences, it’s up to you to find out which ones to use to boost their performance in battle. Each time, this will lead you to its ultra detailed and uncensored hentai scenes.

In the game, you defeat super-villains, but you can also fight other players. Directly in the arena, you measure your harem performance and bet on a minimum of strategy! You’ll be entitled to numerous rewards that will allow you to max out your equipment, give gifts to your girls or simply obtain a highly coveted superheroine.

As for the side quests, they are numerous! Every day, you will be entitled to daily rewards simply by logging in and playing the different events that will be offered to you. Moreover, every month, Nutaku offers you seasonal challenges that will give you more and more rewards. Really addictive, not to say obsessive, this free hentai game in comic book version is likely to mobilize all your energy for many sleepless nights!

comix harem heros

How to play Comix Harem for free?

The main advantage of Comix Harem is that it is an entirely free hentai game! To play it, you just have to go through the official website and register, without downloading. Available on PC or mobile, you will only need your login and password to continue your adventures. Of course, and like all other hentai games of its category, you can boost your performance by taking out your credit card.

However, you don’t have to and with a minimum of patience, you can enjoy all the hardcore scenes of the game. Besides, it will only increase your pleasure tenfold while exciting your nerves!

comix harem gameplay

Comix Harem gameplay

The erotic battles of Comix Harem take place in a comic book universe worthy of the most beautiful comics! With 2D graphics, all the hardcore scenes are ultra detailed for a maximum of thrills. Moreover, in terms of gameplay, it’s a free hentai game that’s easy to play and promises a wide range of quests and adventures. Here’s a brief overview!

Quests, missions and adventures

The tutorial of Comix Harem takes you to the heart of Begin city. In a lewd and exciting world, you must save the sexy superheroines from the big bads. You seduce them with sexual performances to keep them safe in your harem. Since you have a super penis, you can boost their performance in hot hentai scenes! This is what will motivate them to reward you by winning a maximum of battles. In the process, you gain equipment and XP to continue the adventure. And when you reach the next level, you’ll be entitled to unlock new and more exciting girls!

PvP battles

Since Comics Harem is also multiplayer, you’ll face other opponents in PvP battles! To win, you’ll have to rely on a minimum of strategy and a maximum of sexual performance to boost the girls in your harem. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with experience, gold or equipment. As this is a major event in this free hentai game, you will even be entitled to an official ranking!

The Gacha: the nightclub

The Gacha is the X-rated universe of Comix Harem! With up to 3 different games, you will discover your superheroines in all their states giving life to your wildest fantasies. During your multiple erotic quests punctuated by hentai scenes, you become the center of attention and will be rewarded with new sexy girls for your harem.

Special events

As the developer Nutaku has seen things in a big way, he offers you special events every month! This is your chance to embark on exciting and provocative quests to win new victories. What’s in it for you? More and more girls with new, lewd and detailed sex scenes!

Daily rewards

Finally, Comics Harem doesn’t stop there and offers you daily rewards. Simply by logging in with your login and password, you will be able to launch yourself into new sexy battles. As you go along, this is what will allow you to boost the performance of your girls to be always more powerful against your opponents!

comix harem personnages


In just a few months, Comix Harem has become the reference free hentai game! It must be said that it mixes comic book graphics and ultra detailed hentai scenes for a maximum of thrills. Among the positive points, we can retain:

  • Available in free-to-play: for a PC or mobile version, you just need to register to start your erotic adventures anytime!
    Adventure and side quests: Comix Harem offers you a main adventure, but also a multitude of side quests with special events and daily rewards to unlock many hentai scenes.
  • 2D graphics: with its 2D graphics directly inspired by the most beautiful comics, Nutaku promises you hardcore and uncensored comic book visuals!
    Easy to play: as far as gameplay is concerned, Comix Harem is easy to play both on PC and on mobile.

What we didn’t like

Even if the developer Nutaku does everything possible to give you a maximum of pleasure, Comix Harem is not perfect! For example, in terms of soundtrack, the music is sometimes too repetitive and prevents you from immersing yourself in the atmosphere. From a graphical point of view, the comic book universe widely exploited can sometimes slow down some fans of ultra-realistic and 3D scenes.

On the other hand, there are some shortcomings in terms of precision work, but these are largely compensated by the multitude of hot scenes.

comix harem sexy

Conclusion and review of Comix Harem

To conclude with our opinion on Comix Harem, we can only encourage you to crack on! As far as the gameplay is concerned, the comic universe meets all the standards of the most beautiful Japanese mangas. Moreover, the scenario is in 2D with ultra detailed and uncensored porn scenes. As for the gameplay, it is a free hentai game and easy to play. After a simple registration, you can start your erotic quest anytime on PC or mobile.

On the adventure side, Comix Harem pushes you to possess all the most beautiful heroines of the game to feed your fantasies. On top of that, Nutaku also features many side quests with daily rewards and special events that will give you exclusive rewards and ever hotter girls.

And for even more thrills, you will also have the possibility to turn to the PvP mode to defeat your opponents! Plus, it’s a mode that offers you a ranking so you can judge your performance. So if you’re looking for a porn game for your evenings alone, all you have to do is click!


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