Boobs in the City

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You’re alone in your apartment, with a thick London fog of bong smoke filling the air. A semi-erect penis is beckoning, but you’re not quite in the mood to play video games. In your spare time, what are you doing? Or, you might seek for something that ticks all of your boxes while also ticking a few of your boxes, and then fire up the PS4. I suppose I’ll go with Boobs in the City after someone emailed me a link to it.

Boobs in the City

You may play Boobs in the City, an online first-person shooter, for free. What do you think about that? While playing a game, you have the option of shooting things until your mushroom-headed ally decides to respond by shooting items at you. Visual novels and role-playing role-playing games with cartoon erotica in the cut scenes tend to be my go-to sexual entertainment mediums, so I’m excited to see what the FPS genre can provide.


Only for Android, iPhone users are snubbed

Priorities, people. As of this writing, Boobs in the City is only available for Android devices, so you iPhone haters will have to spend your money on something that will be obsolete in two years. You’ll have to get it through Eroges because Google doesn’t allow sex games on its own store. A gaming portal called Eroges advertises free Hentai games, but you don’t need to worry about that right now. Simply follow the link I’ve provided to get the game and get started. In spite of your phone’s warnings, these folks are authentic and should be allowed to be installed on your phone.

Boobs in the City - XXX Hentai Sex Game

This game is completely free to play, which is enough to make any player jump with joy.

Yes, the game is free to play, but will you have fun? Is there a chance that you can win? When it comes to these games, it’s always the same question. Because the game’s characters are all done in an anime manner, I’m quite sure this is a gacha item.


Want to Squirt With Sexy Girls?

There are further downloads and installations once you’ve installed the app on your phone. If you plan ahead, you won’t be left with a dwindling sativa buzz and a frustrated boner while you wait for the progress meter to fill up.

The game’s opening animation is really well-done. Some of the characters appear on the screen as chirpy-ass J-pop music plays. Manga girls with big eyes, tits, and exposing apparel are what you’d expect. The message on the screen states it’s my responsibility to provide them with extensive instruction.

Boobs in the City 2

I’m surprised that the opening has complete nudity, as many of these games tend to be sparing with the sex scenes.

Before the game begins, they’ve already given out so much information that I hope it’s an indication that they’ve got a lot more to show me. The anime babes are well-drawn, hairless, and full of ripe fruit. Some of them appear to be masturbating, to be honest.

Boobs in the City hentai

In terms of setup, you don’t have to roll any stats or choose a character. You only need to pick a name to get the ball moving. You’ll be in charge of training a squad of hot water gunfighters.


Jerk your gun and fire away!

Power-ups and jewels can be won in a variety of ways, as is typical in games with a gacha system. If you’d want to speed up your advancement in the game, you may also pay real money for these items.

Boobs in the City Porn Game

Before your first match, you’ll be given a brief lesson. As a component of the game, you are asked to choose a couple of partners, but you are told that your score is too low to do so at this time. (Of course, if you’re willing to shell over the cash, you may do so right away.) The game took around 10 seconds to select my squad since I couldn’t pick anyone.

The game’s controls are based on the standard joystick-based FPS controls. To navigate across the screen, you use the left-side virtual stick, and to aim, you use the right-side virtual stick. At times, the right-side shooting buttons might seem a little awkward.


We played squirt gun wars in a little arena, donning miniskirts and squirt guns. It’s normal for girls to run around in their underwear when they become too wet. As long as you keep shooting her, the game will report a success. That may sound grim for a silly videogame about squirting and fucking, but it’s just temporary. Until the match is over, the water sport cuties respawn.

Boobs in the City XXX Hentai Game

Despite the sluggishness, I had a great first round of golf nevertheless. By a wide margin, I was the team’s MVP, while the losing squad scored like a fucking moron who’d been sniffing glue all day. In a less cynical state of mind, I’d believe that I’m just really skilled at this game. My best assumption is that I was actually playing against and alongside a few bots, as is common in many online multiplayer games.

It makes you proud of your abilities and encourages you to keep playing.

Freebies or Pay for Your Own Shit

When you win a match, you’re sent to Victory Road, where you may pick up some goodies for your efforts. Using the squirt gun I bought, I was able to get a student council president suit for the broad I was directing to splash other scumbags. In order to get a unique bandanna with additional powers, I would have had to score more points.

To demonstrate how the gacha system works, the game makes use of this occasion. A lot of the goods you get in the game assist you progress or boost your stats in a variety of ways, allowing you to shoot bitches more quickly and more accurately. Simply signing in daily and doing little chores can win you free gacha. Alternatively, you’ll find lots of ways to spend actual money on the merchandise.


I appreciate how precise they are about the first level of the game and what I will win. It seems that the introduction is all about learning new personalities and sex objects for the sex scenes.

Make This Girl Naked by Squirting Her Until She Is

I was eager to test out my new squirt gun as soon as they told me it was just for use in the team’s training exercises. It appears that different games are available for various types of females. Akane and I were the only ones around in the beginning.

boobs in the city

Either I didn’t understand the training game or I played it incorrectly. Squirt gun symbol appears underneath Akane’s feet, who is in the center of the room. She is squirted with water whenever I press the symbol. A professional wrestler shouldn’t show any signs of nervousness or trepidation, yet she does. You may see her pussy exposed like a cat in heat after you spray her a few times till her garments fall off.


This is a better scenario than many sex games despite the fact that it is just marginally interactive. I think it looks better, for starters, and I appreciate the fact that clicking had some effect on it. It’s also nice to know that Boobs in the City didn’t have me play for an hour only to see a CG hentai vagina, because that would have been insulting.

In the dorm, where there was a commotion, I hurried after Akane, who was lying nude on the floor. In the aftermath of a pudding theft, I found myself in the position of arbitrator between two beautiful anime whores. A sensual encounter is in the works, it seems.

Boobs in the City is a sexual first-person shooter with a stunning level of detail. Unlike the vast majority of sex games, this one appears to have been carefully crafted. The gameplay itself is enjoyable, even if you don’t use the gacha system to purchase additional items. Barely a few minutes into playing, I felt like I had only scratched the surface of everything the game has to offer. To complement your forearm workouts, you may want to try Boobs in the City for your thumb.


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