Apexxx Legends


  • Great artwork
  • Regular content updates
  • Free bonus videos
  • Stunning 3D graphics

Apexxx Legends Parody: Initial Impressions

After logging into Apexxx Legends Games for the first time, you’ll be prompted to download the Apex Legends Games launcher or opt for the browser-based approach.
apexxx legends
There are currently three porn games available here, so you may not find the launcher particularly useful, but they do support Windows and MacOS, so regardless of which operating system you’re using, things are groovy here.
Additionally, they’ve included full compatibility with the most popular browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
Whichever way you slice Apexxx Legends Parody‘s accessibility, they appear to do quite well. I was also impressed with the games’ download speed – copying them to my hard drive took only a few minutes.
Apexxx Legends Games fully utilized my 150 Mb/s connection, which is a feat for many servers. Thus far, so good for these gentlemen.


Apexxx Legends Parody – Gaming

One of my reservations about this studio was their ability to replicate the artwork and style of Apex Legends.
apex legends sex game
The environment and characters have a distinct feel and touch that can be difficult to replicate, but they got everything just right, in my opinion.
I was particularly taken with the character parodies of Bangalore, Lifeline, and Wraith: you’re unlikely to find such accurate representations of these characters anywhere else except in their official source.
I’m honestly blown away by the quality here – you can even play Apexxx Legends Parody in full 4K resolution if you download the launcher. How absurd is that?

Additionally, XXX renderings from the Apexxx Legends parody

Adult games are fantastic, and the ones included here were more than adequate, but there are a few extras that I believe are worth mentioning.
apex legends porn games
To begin, there are the video renders – all of which are absolutely stunning and were created in-house by a dedicated artist whose sole responsibility is to create these videos.
Some of the clips even include native English voiceovers: the characters’ accuracy isn’t perfect, but it’s better than nothing!
apex legends porn game
Additionally, they have a nice collection of adult drawings in the Rule 34 and doujinshi styles of various characters on their site. While these are not exclusive, it’s nice to have so many Apex Legends in one place.
apexxx legends porn game

I’m concluding my Apexxx Legends review.

I had some expectations coming into this community due to Apexxx Legends‘ greatness, but these guys’ execution left much to be desired.
They’ve demonstrated an incredible ability to adapt to and adopt Apex Legends‘ influence and make it their own – for which I applaud them.
Now that signing up is completely free and takes less than a minute, my advice is to head on over and create an account – it’s well worth it, and I guarantee you’ll love what’s inside if you’re a big Apexxx Legends fan.
That is all I have to say: thank you for reading and have a great time playing Apexxx Legends!


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