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Approaches to the satisfaction of sexual cravings have gradually evolved, characterized by the emergence of new techniques. The latter are diverse and adapt to the sex preferences of men.

Among these techniques of satisfying sexual desires is the porn game Anal Simulator. We present in the following reviews about this game anal sex emulator.

After presenting how to play Anal Simulator, we will discuss whether it is free or not before issuing reviews on this online porn game platform.

Free Anal Simulator Porn Game

How to play Anal Simulator?

Anal Simulator is one of the most popular porn games on the Internet due to the satisfaction it offers. It offers everyone the possibility to explore and explore their wildest fantasies in anal sex.

To achieve this, we need to better understand the functioning of this life-saving game for anal sex lovers.

When you log in to the simulator website for the first time, the simulator will ask you to create an account.

In fact, access to Anal Simulator is not open to everyone, it is sanctioned by opening an account. It is also necessary to be a person in love with wildness in sexual acts to fully enjoy this game.

Anal Simulator Porn Sex Game


People with sensitive souls will absolutely not find their happiness there.


To register for Anal Simulator, you must enter important personal information such as last name, first name, and gender. You must also provide your country of origin, mailbox, email address and date of birth.

In addition to that, you must inform that you are an adult (over 18 years old) who is completely responsible for their actions.

Your sexual orientation must also be declined. Once this information is fully provided, your account will be created and you will always receive a free trial period for all available games.


The functioning of the platform of the game Anal Simulator

The platform of the Anal Simulator game is filled with a variety of links to more reserved rooms with special features.

Among others, one distinguishes direct webcams for live sex, hentai, etc. By scrolling down, you will have a complete overview of the novelties in online porn games offered by Anal Simulator.

Anal Simulator Porn Game

Besides, Anal Simulator has been programmed to let you customize every sexual experience, down to the smallest detail. You’ll have the option to practice group or single sex.

In both cases, you’ll be able to define your sexual partner to best suit your sexual preferences. For girls, you’ll have the option to choose wider mouths and deeper throats to ensure the best fellations.

The possibility of choosing the size of his penis is also appropriate to meet your needs.


The meticulous programming of the platform guarantees an unforgettable gaming experience, automatically adjusting the settings to your total game of legs in the air.

Is Anal Simulator free of charge?

Access to the Anal Simulator game platform is charged for everyone. To do this, you’ll be asked to subscribe by entering your credit card details.

However, once you access the game, you can take advantage of several benefits that may have been paid for free.

Besides, you can use your winnings in the game to access advanced features such as character features.

Anal Simulator Sex Game

Thus, your winnings in the form of points obtained can easily be converted for designing your penis and/or girls’ looks.


It is precisely this option that explains Anal Simulator‘s ranking among the best porn games online. In addition, full access to the platform’s advanced features as well as the hottest games requires an extensive subscription.

Depending on your preferences, you may be able to pay to properly improve your profile, that of your partners and the circumstances of your sex games.

Following this explanatory section of the platform in theory, below you’ll discover a summary of opinions from people who have already played porn games on Anal Simulator.

Anal simulator reviews

The many technical features and strengths of the Anal Simulator game presented above give the platform a certain efficiency.

According to users, creating an account on this website is easier than other porn gaming sites. In fact, they are usually required to fill out long forms with information that is often unnecessary.

Much appreciated by players, the ability to create an account in just a few clicks offered by Anal Simulator is a factor that relaxes the atmosphere.

In addition, the coverage of games on the platform systematically awakens users’ sexual appetite. Some even say that they manage to have orgasms just by watching them scroll.


Also, the characters of the games are in 3 dimensions and very refined, which makes them even closer to men.

This has the gift of plunging the vast majority of players into a virtual reality situation where they feel like they are really experiencing sexual acts.

Moreover, the great variety of games offered is a real asset. It covers a wide range of tastes in terms of anal sex.

This is further enhanced with the setting that lets you define your ideal partner for a good game of legs in the air.

However, some points have been complained by anal simulator users, and the most common ones are the following.

Anal Simulator

First of all, the simulator platform is entirely in English, which makes it difficult for some players to get their hands on it. In addition, premature ads noticed on the platform often interrupt sex games.

This glitch has the ability to cool the excitement or enthusiasm of players.

In some cases, some are downright disgusted with the game. Also, the exclusive availability of the online game makes its use difficult for people with Internet connection problems.

Ultimately, Anal Simulator is a reference for any player looking for hot and free sex games. Choose this platform for an unforgettable porn gaming experience!



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